I just saw a photograph of someone who's recently moved to the Northeast... watering a bit of their frozen-snowed over lawn with a hose... to make an ice rink...

...I... uh... Uh.


white folk, looking at doing anything to be less exploitative of the world around them: humbug! would never work!

white folk, wanting a personal ice rink: yes i can just dive in and do this no guidance no leader no training yes this is totally feasible and smart.


The big reason you don't want to do this, by the way, is because you will punch through the ice and fuck your ankle up.

@emsenn it being uneven as hell also makes it seem like a dumb idea

@sangv White folk, having invented science with the Enlightenment, all know intrinsically that liquids will flow to reach an even level over their space, and any real-world factors like "wind" or "gravel" are merely anecdotes, not scientific data.

@sangv (I feel like I botched the delivery of this joke, but the concept is solid. Like, the Italian-American contractor I worked with last week who bragged that because Romans built the aqueducts, he could cut properly-angled joints from instinct.

(His angles were not correct and he did not understand the concepts around like, 360 degrees in a circle, if you have 45 degrees and need to get to 90, add the difference, etc.)

@emsenn Americans partying like they've got free healthcare

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