Y'know, actually, come to think of it:

Hey reformists?

If you unfollow anyone who's more radical than your tastes - like me

Wouldn't that hurt your ability to like, actually cooperate with a diverse set of people like you want?

Won't that just leave you surrounded with centrists?

How do you expect to imagine a better work if you reject anyone who imagines too greatly?

Like, if you're a software developer, say, making software for the Fediverse, say, and you want that software to challenge the current dominant means of social organization...

Wouldn't it be useful to communicate with people who contemporaneously live outside the dominant means of social organization? I mean shit, just... appropriate their means, code it, and you're done.

If you ignore them but want to invent for them, that's just... techcolonialism?

It just seems like if you think that incremental change from within oppressive systems is the best - and only legitimate means - of changing the world...

...Aren't you like, acting wrong, by trying to make software that changes the world outside those systems?

Maybe it's more likely you're making software that implements those systems in more parts of the world, so you can feel comfortable and in charge there, like an American insisting the signs be in English before they arrive.

And the tragedy here is a lot of the devs don't /see/ that this is what they're doing, that they're just... using tech as a means of colonization, that they're actively working to erase the orgnazinationl progress that marginalized communities have mad, etc. etc.

And if they did, I'm sure they'd feel sick to their stomach about it, and that might get 'em to change.

@emsenn I'd be very interested in your thoughts on how to build social groups decolonially. My first instinct is to make them leaderless, preforming administration through democratic processes open to the membership

@datatitian It's not the sort of thing I've practiced talking about enough to be able to talk about it on demand, but it's definitely a common thread in a lot of my talk about communities.

And your instinct is about where I'm at. basically, unions operating in confederacy via recallable delegates.

@emsenn rereading my comment I don't think I was specific enough, I meant social groups as a fediverse app, i.e. @GuppeGroups

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