Y'all like saying "ok boomer" because they exist on the margins of your life (iroooony); I challenge you to start calling out "ok yuppie" when you see it. I bet it's a lot harder because it'll be yourself and your close friends, but hey, stop being a fucking yuppie.

@emsenn I think "okay yuppie" every time I talk to one of my brothers. I don't say it, but I think it fairly loudly.

@rantingsteve Can I just take this opportunity to say the whole instance is a lot less... white gay yuppie man than I expected it to be and I am so thankful for it because tbh after kicking out all the FOSSbros I was missing some tech chatter in my life. <3

@emsenn If were like that I'd have jumped ship so fast. I'm really glad it's not, I get enough of that shit at work (except for the gay part, but it's very white and fairly yuppie at my school).

In all honesty, I tend to get annoyed by most gay white men. So many libertarians and other types who somehow can't look past their own lived experience or just don't care.

I never specifically thought or said, "Ok, Yuppie."

But I promise that was simply because my imagination was apparently too limited

@CaptMorgan most yuppies are gen x or millennials, it's starting to be some are zoomers.


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