This is a legitimate question I'm asking here:

White folk love their magic incantations; if you cite the right texts from their Codified Precedences, you can forbid their soldiers from entering your home, or even touching you!

Are there such magic words to discourage bothersome white folk from harassing me if I take resources from their land?

(Is there an agreement the US government made with lakhota or generalized native americans permitting us walking/foraging rights on private lands?)

No but really someone with the skills, please look up the answer for this.

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@lj_writes do you happen to have the resources, energy, and willingness to answer the above question?

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@emsenn Those words seem like magic, but the magic is coming from a coercive state apparatus.

@jordanr which is just a thing people made up with earlier magic words. It's magic all the way down until someone acts out the magic; then it's as real as anything else.

But until then? Magic, and I won't budge that it's anything more real than that.

@jordanr Ammo in boxes on a shelf is not state power any more than a stuffed animal on a bed is childhood.

@emsenn Yeah I guess there's kind of a banal acceptance of it as an everyday an practice. The state power thing. Like money is state power + paper + everyone getting used to it from using it everyday of their lives.
So you need to normalize your ammo boxes and their use as well.

@jordanr *nod*

it's easy and comfortable to view the state as omniscient and omnipresent, but it's just an emergent phenomenon and those are incredibly fragile.

@emsenn It's still really hard to convince people. But when you win even small victories against the ruling class you can show them it's possible. Fight on comrade. ✊

@emsenn This isn't totally my wheelhouse, but I'll bend my librarian skills towards this sometime soon and see what I can find

@hummingrain Ahh yea! Awesome. It doesn't have to hold up well just enough that I could talk about it to a judge for ~20 minutes and they'll throw the papers out.

(Fun fact: I have /never/ been convicted of a crime, despite all my many many criminal actions. Fuck your magic!)

@emsenn The law's always so surprised when people manage to fight back on its own terms.

It's like it forgot it's just a complicated illusion

@emsenn Not in the next few days to the extent it deserves, but this article may be a useful starting point/overview: Throwing that out there so you can get a head start if you want before I look over it myself later in the week.

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