omg the little girl hopping up and down :3


i was gonna get in the shower but now I just wanna watch this.

(it's... a livestream of the powwow (wacipi) celebrating the founding of sinte gleska university, a lakhota university!!)

well that was dark... he said to smile why you dance! smile cause folk from dc are here and if they see you got no teeth they'll expand the budget :\

Anyway this is just the rehearsal, apparently! the full one is tomorrow and sunday so i'm gonna get in the shower

@TheGibson omg one of the singers songs like raymond whoever from everyone loves raymond hahaha

@TheGibson sorry i don't know this either, mind explaining?

@TheGibson Thanks!

I've heard some contemporary criticism of the seven virtues model as being too influenced by christianity, so have been holding off on black elk's stuff until i've read more historical stuff to give it context

@emsenn Black Elk was part of what I learned from a Lakhota Medicine Woman. I found much less in the morality of it than the compass of totemic guidance... which they don't really talk about... I wish I knew the Lakhota names for some of this. Need to brush back up on terminology.

@TheGibson *nod* yea the probelms are more in the like, strucutre of his teachings than the teachings themselves, i.e. picking just seven virtues instead of it seems like he more often talked about 12 different ones, because of some... paths of sin something

@emsenn Yeah, I learned long ago to pick and choose from basically any of those texts from that era.

Whole country was Xian-izing the stuff. My take was it was more of the blending in stuff (which was very common) and trying to hold onto something of the culture.

@TheGibson If you have the time I encourage you to sink your teeth back into it: from every account, a /tremendous/ amount of recontextualization of lakhota knowledge happened in the past two decades that leaves people like me in a wonderful position to quickly come to the crux of it, while not yet having learned things like the red road.


Yeah, that's good... Mescalero didn't have that particular curse, because they weren't written about as much.

@TheGibson i'm also appreciating the comments from Conscious S Thompson there in the chat, if you can see that on the youtubes

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