Pissed as hell about the misuse of indigenous imagery in the commercial sports game?

Donate to Sinte Gleska University, a higher education facility run by and for Lakhota values:* a facility actively working to detangle indigenous history from its colonialisation. That's like the exact opposite of what redface does.

(*Contrary to popular assumption, SGU is open to all people of any identity, not just Lakhota tribe members.)

I've linked to a Lakhota resource because that seems to be the primary source of the open racist team's iconography, but if you have recommended other resources people should look at, please feel free to add them on.

(I'm also building a collection of links to "ways non-indigenous can support indigenous folk" on my website so links thrown here will help build that out.)

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@emsenn !!! :0 I would be super interested in reading what you have up on your site, but I can't seem to find any links in your bio !
do you think you'd be able to add one there or in a pinned post ?

@wgahnagl I'll add a link to my profile shortly, but it's currently being redone a bit!

It's at

@wgahnagl (That's very funny: I've edited my profile so much I managed to edit away the link to my own homepage! That was... like the whole point of the about, when I first wrote it!)

off topic lmao 

@emsenn this is a total sidenote but this site is super cool and it looks like it was made in a really interesting way, do you have the source posted anywhere ??
the way you have everything so tagged and labeled is super interesting lmao

off topic lmao 

@wgahnagl I think maybe technically every part of the source is available but without instructions so it's a bit tricky.

In essence, it's just a custom theme for the Hugo static site generator

I'll... document it soon, I think: I keep going back and forth on whether I'm going to stick with a website long-term but I've decided to stick with it at least until next winter.

I'm really glad you like it! It was made with much love

off topic lmao 

:0 sick

it definitely looks like it was very carefully crafted, it's very cool lmao
I don't even have a website, and I've been thinking about what I should do, if I should just go the way of the internet asetic and just use raw html, since it's better than nothing lmao
but this totally rocks, I vibe with it so hard 🔥
maybe if I ever get around to it, I could use this as a base or something lmao

off topic lmao 


Well documented, it's meant to be a very easy way for people to set up a perosnal website that's compatible with the IndieWeb: all the user should need to do is use Emacs, edit one file how they want, and then press some hotkeys and they'll get new HTML to upload where they want.

So I'm very glad to hear it vibes with soemone who would want something like that!

off topic lmao 

@wgahnagl Fun fact, but this page

It's generated programmatically!

I specify my "makeVerbs," "makeThings," "makeFocus," and then have a serialized file containing my recent activities and plans, and it does the rest!

off topic lmao 

@wgahnagl It uses the same data to populate, for example, this page

Which I have because there's a soft-standard for personal websites to have a /now/ page that shares what the operator is up to, more or less, these days.


(I'm so glad someone likes my website! I mean I know most people like it but like, likes it for the little details!)

off topic lmao, caps 

@emsenn !!! :0 YO THAT'S COOL AS SHIIIT

do you know if it's very accessable??

off topic lmao, caps 

@wgahnagl It's not the best, I'm fixing that largely tomorrow. (There's a few places where contrast isn't high enough, and it doesn't always look right on phone screens.)

I plan on it meeting all accessibility standards /and/ being signed-off-on by like, the actual blind humans I know.

off topic lmao 

@emsenn oh my god this rocks this is so cool lmao

Everything you're saying is the next coolest thing I've ever heard lmao

I'll totally be using this and probably trying to like
make webhooks and automate the /now pages and things like that lmao
that's a super cool project 🔥

off topic lmao 

@wgahnagl *nod*

The whole thing ultimately goes through a gitlab repo so a webhook to update the source file for those pages would be pretty easy, I think, it's just not my flow.

off topic lmao 

@wgahnagl (Wait until you hear me talk about my MUD! If you think my approach to generating a website is nifty, it'll knock your socks off.)

(It'll be a bit till I'm back to talking about that, I had to step away to clear out some white supremacy cobwebs in my head.)

@emsenn !!! 🔥 🔥thank you so much 🔥 🔥

best of luck with your site lmao

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