I don’t think I will ever get used to seeing temperatures spike at 80-85 on my laptop when doing anything cpu intensive. Somehow that always seemed very high to me even with the crappy cooling you can fit into the form factor of a modern laptop/ultrabook. Makes me nervous.


@talon on my raspberry pi temperatures above 80 make a thermometer pop up in the corner of the screen :O

@emsenn I never managed to get my pi quite that high, but then again I still run a pi2 because I never really had much of a need to upgrade. I’m sure if actively cooled though it wouldn’t be quite as bad? My laptop is definitely actively cooled which makes it that much more worrying

@talon oh mine only gets that way if i leave it running something heavy for a while, in the summer, in the american southeast

@emsenn yeah the climate I run my computers in is probably quite a bit cooler. I’m used to seeing 60 max on my desktop. Really makes me want to look up how heat actually affects the physical materials used. I don’t have a problem with occasionally hitting 85 if it won’t ruin my gear any faster.

@emsenn that said I also have really no idea how hot is too hot so I’m trying to somewhat trust the vendors. Probably also not the wisest idea

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