just did some napkin math.. and a single 12oz bottle of my #homebrew hopped #kombucha costs about US $0.30, not counting the electricity cost of our well pump pulling the water out of the ground. That's a pretty good price considering the cost of commercial #booch and #microbrews

that also doesn't include the cost of my glass jar (one-time purchase of $10) or the SCOBY itself (one-time purchase of $6). based on how many batches I've done, I think that adds about $0.80 per batch, but it will keep decreasing the more batches I do

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@cb Thanks for reminding me of that post I saw where someone used their scoby to basically make leather

@emsenn maybe that was me! I did that a few weeks ago, made a little fountain pen sheath. I have a couple much larger projects fermenting now, I'm hoping to grow some big enough to make a book cover

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