Spending today ruminating on using the area's naturally clay-rich soil to facilitate irrigation.

I've spent some time playing with what sort of like, micro-catchments I can build, and honestly, a hole filled with some absorbant material, covered by something relatively waterproof... does a phenomenonal job like it keeps the area right around it moist for a loooooong time, weeks.

I'm wondering if I can't like, build a self-sustaining moss farm this way: dig a hole in clay-rich soil (we're talking like, 85-95% clay here), fill it with moss, saturate the moss with water, cover it with pebbles then clay then moss.

The moss'll be fed by the water trap, and later hold water itself.


The more I learn about like, long term ecology, the more I'm thinking that letting north carolina exist as it has for so long, with the "natural" areas dominated by unchecked pine, might be a reall big fuckup that'll take a loooong time to unfuck, and not like, many hours of labour, no no, just, it takes time, some things just take time.

but I can start doing right by the forests now, maybe?

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