She can see her reflection in the ballast cover. (Don't worry I have a smoke alarm elsewhere)

Here's kinda what it looks like. the overflow will be cut back and then the silver will get another layer of silver, and then the whole thing will get a few coats of gloss, resulting in what should be a shiny silver box with wooden texture under the shine, with what'll look like a chunk of conglomerate agate on top.


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Star Trek TNG Season 1 Episode 24, when Admiral Quinn throws Geordi through the door, you can see the unpainted wood on the bottom of the prop.

Painted up a wooden box that's the perfect size for holding 6 1g vape cartridges.

Three wooden pin folk in front of a painted background. Hurray for cheap crafting supplies!

If you don't mind taking opened or filled-from-two-or-three-half-full-bottles, this is how much acryllic paint you can buy for $14 at a store near me :O

Painted another wood pin. Used a glossy finish with speckles of black pigment added to make him grimy

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