Sorry for the screenshot but if anyone is curious to see what my todo list for writing a tabletop rpg adventure looks like, here's what i've got so far:

You can see what's implemented so far at

(Confused by this post? See

Bit over 1 quart juice from quick pressing the berries, after pasteurizing.

A garlic sprout that exhibits excitement when I open the door for the day.

@_emacsomancer @cinebox I can't find the original post but here's a screenshot of my (boiler)plates that I use for some of my default documents - saw you boost and participate in a thread by @srol, respectively

My partner got better pictures.

I find this really cute because from the moment I met her, I thought Ikmu smelled like a beehive. Now that my partner has smelled straight beeswave, they agree.

Kitty likes the big chunk of beeswax, it's up on a top shelf near her carrier that is kept open for her napping pleasure.

Cheesemaking. Opted to sleep in rather than make biscuits.

It's cool when I get to use links I bothered to macro again later - also, makes it a LOT easier to write these sorts of logs without breaking my flow, while still being able to have pretty robust linking!

(Sorry for the screenshots.)

@acciomath This is a random example of something Org-mode can do.

Very pleased with the state of my pantry rn, very tidy and mostly plastic free.

Been a bit since I posted any pictures of my cat sorry

A visual art I did 3 years ago today, apparently. It's a foggy view of a church steeple in I think Vienna?

With text nearby,

"I don't edit
my shit and
I'm going thru
a lot and I don't take
criticism well."

Woo, got myself up into Manjaro with MATE fine.

MATE was a good choice, it seems like; thanks @david (and others) for mentioning it.

I tweaked it toward lighter theming, and turned off compositing, and it's just what i want from my DE. :D

(Attached is a screenshot of firefox and emacs open, and the desktop, which reminds me of how desktops looked for the first like, 15 years of my computer-using life only for them to suddenly change to accommodate ads)

A meme showing someone, labeled "Newbie Programmers," at the bottom of the stairs, stepping onto the 5th step, labeled, "AI and ML." They have bypassed the steps "hello world," "OOP," "data structures," and "algorithms."

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