haha by the time i got up and got the paper towel roll she was laying down so I guess playtime is over - which is fine, 0100-0200h isn't the best playtie lol.

WAIT I know what I could do holy crap it's so simple:

Use a toilet paper tube, and fold in the ends after putting a tablespoon of kibble in it.

BRB. She's playful rn anyway.

I also am trying to figure out how to make more climbing stuff around the apartment and ways for the cat to play with herself - she does a good job of it, but I'd like for her to be as active as feasible for an indoor-only cat.

But so far, she seems pretty cautious about climbing, and sees it as a means to explore - also, like, climbs, not jumps? i wish y'all could see how she uses her paws like hands it's nuts.

But LOVES attacking this crumpled up bit of junk mail, and a little bit of fabric.

So, because I walk in and out of the house all the time, and wear my boots (because i have lifts in one), I sweep my apartment daily.

Which means I'm pretty lax about like, not making a mess during the day. Like, I'll just drop scrap paper on the floor when i'm done with it, brush garlic skins off the counter onto the floor, etc.

I say all this to say, I think I might use the scrap fabric I have to make some easily destroyed cat toys filled with shredded paper and kibble.

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Her litter, if you're curious, is pine pellet bedding, which is commonly used for horses and cattle. Some cats don't like it, because it's, well, big pellets, not sand, but it's also $6 for 40lb, and is less dense than clay litter, so is all around just an amazing bargain.

And the waste is 100% compostable - just saw dust and dry urine.

(p.s. if anyone is out there judging me for not using commercial cat products with my cat*, speak up so I can judge you right back, for wasting money on overpriced disposable crap, while you're probably also throwing away pounds of disposable crap as trash that would've made just fine cat toys.

* I buy her proper cat food and flea medication, I mean toys and stuff.)

@leadore It's clear she'd prefer a deeper box (we're using a 4in deep, 3x2ft plastic bin) but i'm having a hard time finding one without buying one new and eh.

(I prefer to use stainless steel catering trays, but can't find a restaurant willing to sell me a used one at any sort of price.)

And she's using it so, can't complain too much, I just know it's not the best for her.

@leadore They do not! They have a really cool big closet of litter boxes, that is accessible (during the day) only by cat door, and then at night when the cats are elsewhere in the building they clean them.

Before that, she wouldn't have been supervised enough for that.

I really think she's got some Abyssinian not too far back that's influencing her behavior.

(Downside she's currently not that great at covering it herself but she's getting better with watching me and the scoop.)

@leadore she wanted to play more so i got a little delayed!

I'd stream that but tbh it'd make me SO SELF CONSCIOUS of my awkward gait that no thank you.

I'll tag you when I'm on!

Yea i'm playing fetch with my cat no big deal.

Also, she still growls at people outside the door or sirens, which like... that's a pretty awesome feature in a cat! That's sometimes half the reason people get dogs instead of cats!

Y'know how dogs will like, come get you to let you know they need to go out and pee?

My cat does that, but with their litter box and pooping.

I ignored them the last time and they still pooped int he box though so they don't view my presence as NECESSARY, just, desireable.

What a gosh dang goober.

I reallyd on't know how to properly express to y'all how dog-like and awesome this cat's behavior is. How good she is at using her paws as hands, without hurting stuff with her claws.

I know my webcam setup isn't gonna convey it either, but, I can hope.

...wait my steam controller just updated and now it works over bluetooth?

Cool, someone stole my dongle literally the weekend I got the controller and I've been using a bunch of USB1 extension cords to make it long enough.

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