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What kind of DB should one use to store messages for an IM service? Main requirement is low latency.

@selontheweb also recommending this text - and callie if you love it you might like "our knowledge is not primitive" which is also v useful i think @callie@friend.camp @hope

@DeltaFlood (In my head, a lot of people are furries and just don't know it, like people who really get behind their World of Warcraft character.)

@DeltaFlood I'm not a furry but these days I'd define it as "someone who is comfortable socializing under an explicit persona, which is almost always not a human persona."

As they say, quickest way to a right answer online is to post the wrong one, so let's see what happens!

@HiRezCanDo ...no, just, landscaping that ran out of budget so has been left to get weed-ridden and stuff.

@HiRezCanDo Not in that photo, and i don't know if any are local-local, but there are a few I've found in gone-wild landscaping that I've taken some of,

I haven't done a tech take in a way.

"Open" source presupposes a "closed" source and presents both as legitimate, just in itself as a term. It's not "open source" and "closed source" it's "code" and "broken code"

@HiRezCanDo Oooh I like yours! Mine is I think longer, but the woodwork is all a lot less impressive up close.

(And mine is actually my partner's vanity, though they also sometimes do schoolwork there.)

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Spending today ruminating on using the area's naturally clay-rich soil to facilitate irrigation.

@HiRezCanDo Oh, I wouldn't lol it's... not the best built thing. Good design, mediocre materials. :\

@GwenfarsGarden@sunbeam.city So much useful-to-humans stuff exists in alpine areas!!

@MoMartin Thanks! The product of like 2 years of thinking and digging in the dirt is finally turning into a viable notion.

@MoMartin mornin old man

I'm still thinking about guerrilla water catchments.

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@RobinHood I think maybe I'm overestimating how many people eat squirrel.

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@RobinHood I know I taught a bunch of people how to trap, skin, butcher, and cook squirrels when I was at Occupy DC, but the president wasn't ever in attendance. Maybe some of the secret service folk got word back to him tho? Who knows.

I'm gonna say Obama.

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@RobinHood and not as some bougie thing like eating dolphin lol

@indie First I've heard of Charles' campaign ffs, where is all the good of electoral commentary that people insist is there, eh??

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I don't know how to use #MMD but I sure do know how to use dance emotes in #FFXIV!
Edited with #kdenlive

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