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Chief Faulteh

Remember, remember, the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot
Which was used to persecute Catholics more than before
And was perpetrated by a man who wanted to install a Catholic theocracy as opposed to the Protestant theocracy that existed at the time

History isn't always rosy and sometimes there are no good guys.

ok ok OK! I'll write tests and pylint my code now at version 0.1 instead of later at 1.0! Jeez inner-self it's only a side-project FFS calm the fuck down.

GitLab drops the CLA to become more community friendly and follows best practice in Free Software. As a result Debian and GNOME plan to migrate their communities and projects to GitLab. #gitlab #cla #dco #gnome #debian

Purism is accepting both Bitcoin and Monero as payment! My first physical item purchased with XMR!

Upped my order to a dev kit as well as a phone so I can get a head start on making apps for it .

Sometimes you just need to disappear to an alternate reality where there is no matter, and time moves at a crawl compared to this one, just to get a few millennia of peace and quiet away from you ingrates.

Switched on browser integration on the Ledger Nano S, and now I can trade tokens straight from my wallet on, and do ETH transactions with MyEtherWallet. No need to run Geth or Parity to sync the whole blockchain!

LedgerNanoS hardware wallet is great. Moved my BTC & now use SegWit for cheaper tx. The U2F auth app is great. Now trying to figure out Trezor Agent for SSH and GPG, can't wait for Monero integration!

Join the crowdfunding and get Purism development kits and early-bird devices:

Tiny new laptop is tiny (existing work laptop in picture for scale)
Now time to install Ubuntu on it!

Doh! 17 hour print down the toilet. Fortunately I set up remote access to the printer so I could monitor and cancel it

TFW you buy a new monitor and you have to work hard to make it fit in your car.

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So it looks like the Purism Librem5 phone crowdsource just got better. International shipping is now free as well!

Now I'm definitely jumping in with my support and ordering a dev kit and a phone.

I think I should be able to nurse my existing Oppo Find7 along for another year while I wait for the open sauce goodness.

Debian phone? Why yes thankyou!

I wonder what good Linux open source Point of Sale software there is. Asking for a friend