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Chief Faulteh

Join the crowdfunding and get Purism development kits and early-bird devices:

Tiny new laptop is tiny (existing work laptop in picture for scale)
Now time to install Ubuntu on it!

Doh! 17 hour print down the toilet. Fortunately I set up remote access to the printer so I could monitor and cancel it

TFW you buy a new monitor and you have to work hard to make it fit in your car.

Google dystopia(?) Show more

So it looks like the Purism Librem5 phone crowdsource just got better. International shipping is now free as well!

Now I'm definitely jumping in with my support and ordering a dev kit and a phone.

I think I should be able to nurse my existing Oppo Find7 along for another year while I wait for the open sauce goodness.

Debian phone? Why yes thankyou!

I wonder what good Linux open source Point of Sale software there is. Asking for a friend

What is this thing I keep hearing about Mastadon breaking compatibility with GNUSocial/OStatus? It is occasionally alluded to conversation replies in my timeline. Is there a github issue/discussion on this somewhere?

so many ICOs happening and 99.99% of them are shit.

TIL Australia had a superhero movie in 1983. And it was a musical as well.

enjoying the new Widgets feature in the Riot IM. Just made a quick widget to show top 10 coins on coinmarketcap but in AUD.

Hey! Just looked at some stuff and found a FOSS implementation of the Google Play Services!

It seems pretty interesting. Check it out:

imagine being able to modify software

My 6yo sort of accidentally stumbled across this idea: Why don't we have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in our phones?

Hmmm, perhaps I should get a bike so I can venture further for lunch and get a bit of sun and air, and bike around with a portable radio setup and bike to my extra-curricular activities... hmmm.. they say it's just like riding a bike...