Then you've found him
Im lucky to break even
I like our plan better

It would triple my profits
And you, I suppose, are a lot like me

Dont look at me that way
we'll contact the Ferengi homeworld and sell them our ship

If we hide, maybe they wont find us
Are your ears tingling
But you don't understand
Hes changed his comm
I think you'll like this
Since when do you drink springwine

It's just a little advertisement
Chief, is it all right if I take a slightly longer lunch than usual
And you think that Im part of this consortium
Hes changed his comm
You're right, brother
Have you been getting enough sleep

Can you believe that
They're tearing my place apart
Don't you understand

She's your mother, Quark
Who are we talking about
It sounds good to me

a We're going to form a union
a We're going to form a union

You must have put them in wrong
Spinning out of control
They're not as ugly as the old ones
Don't push your luck
You should see the bar
Concentrate on the essentials

Maybe we should ask him
Who knows, maybe one day Ill come back and buy it from you
Talk to the Intendant
Thanks for your help
There is no contract
You don't have to pretend with me

And look at his hands
Payday is supposed to be a time of joy

But don't talk to me
I'm offering you work
Out of the way, Quark

If you ever want to set me up again
Now, neither of you is going to leave this room until you've settled things
But I won't confirm it
Quark paid your fine
But what about Quark
You never pulled a stunt like that

I feel almost grateful
There has to be some explanation
Brother, if you want to insult me
Don't push your luck
Tell me what he said
You want me to give you money

I know for a fact, when she was a he
I know for a fact, when she was a he

A leader whose vision
Yes, Nagus, most distressing
But then, it could be

I'll be right back with refreshments
And Grimp, wouldn't you like to take a paid vacation
It's one of those good news bad news type of things
Hes changed his comm
But then, it could be
Well, so I said, and so they shall

First drink on the house
We're going to form a
Are your ears tingling

It's something like Ches'so
It's a generous opening bid
Odo, you know as well as I do that it's illegal to listen to someone's conversation without their consent
Thanks for your help
Tell me what he said
You said the reward was twenty

I'll show you which one
what do I get in return
Why don't you tell him

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