Tonight you'll polish every rail in the place until they sparkle
I know for a fact, when she was a he

You look like you saw a ghost
I don't ordinarily imbibe on the job

You'll be presented with some very interesting financial data
but I dont see you leaving
Whatever it is, it's important
my friend, my brother
around here someplace
I think we can call it a bribe

But when I think of those voluptuous Risian females So hes the first
At least were trying out
You put one end of the tube grub between your front teeth
Hes changed his comm
It was before your time
She's going to get better

We're going into the wine business
If the mines are going to be small
I feel perfectly justified
Hes changed his comm
around here someplace
It's in my tool kit by the door

to the girl Let's get out of here
Rumour has it that the shop next door to mine is going out of business

You were guarding him
Maybe it's not too late
Well, of course you are

Say, hi to Moogie for me
We're already exceeding the safe maximum cruising speed by two tenths of a warp factor

You're sure that's the good news
Perhaps we could discuss I'm busy
Remind me to get rid of him tomorrow
Quark paid your fine
Turn the page, brother
Well, according to Leeta

Ferenginar has allowed a valuable resource to go to waste
Whats the problem here
Never contradict your elders
Quark paid your fine
His name's not Lumba
And you havent picked out a gift

Doesn't she ever lose
So, you wanted to see me
What does it look like

they wreck the furniture
you're the one who's going to need charity
we stay here and inside a year
Its, er, its all yours
then they can leave their homes
You want me to give you money

That could be for days
We don't need Maihar'du
What do you want, Quark

Wage subsidies for the poor
Quark, is negotiate the prisoner exchange

And what would that be
and I want a piece of it
We'll see about that

The next time you visit
Let me hear you say there isn't a spark of love left in you
Reporting for my next assignment
Don't push your luck
And that's you, my boy
That doesnt mean I dont love him

These are tears of joy
They just stand there like statues
dripping with butter

He can save the environment and levy all the taxes he wants
It was written all over his back

Excuse me, a changeling
Well, now he'll have two
Did I say I was finished
Your clothes, the knife
plotting and scheming
It means you're going to live

Transmission complete
Well be leaving here shortly
The seventy-sixth rule

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