There's no such thing
I'm sure there must be something I can do to change your mind
But brother Are you all right
Thanks for your help
they'll destroy my business
Well, at least I'm consistent

When I engaged the impulse engines
I don't know, brother
She didn't pay me enough for that anyway
Your clothes, the knife
What was three again
It's going to be all right

A selfish, spineless
I bought these discs in good faith
Now, which would you choose

Haven't seen that steep a market slide since Grand Nagus Smeet
I just wanted you to know I meant every word of it

You're not going to get away with this
Beginning with your salary
And someday, I hope you will too
Quark paid your fine
Transmission complete
Theres a fortune to be made

If thats whats written
but as occupations go
You'd like that, wouldn't you

They thought they had me
Why would she be in trouble
Brother, this isn't right

I dont think Weyoun cares much for latinum
But being Nagus will make you rich

and then come up with a clear
Face it, youve had plenty of opportunities and youve let them all slip away

They're not as ugly as the old ones
They're not as ugly as the old ones

If you're not careful that could be you and Kira
and you managed to stack all the chairs so they fit behind the bar
I know what you're doing
Don't push your luck
health care for Things change
I warned you about that fellow

What more do you want
I apply it twice a day
It was your amendment

Then we must stop her
I thought we should look inside
Coming out of my share

I could set you up with a terrific holosuite programme
He doesn't have to thank me
But the truth is, defying Ferengi tradition isn't so bad
my friend, my brother
These are losing their crunch
You're sure that's the good news

Give you a hard time
A little late, arent we
He still had his hair then

What have you done now
We've got a man on third
Not this kind of rain

because they're not poisonous on our side
because they're not poisonous on our side

I may not be able to destroy the Nagus but you are a different story
to Leeta What's a bunt
All Ferengi labour contracts are the same
Quark paid your fine
All right, make it three
Have you been getting enough sleep

All right, make it three
That should it hold together
Not in the slightest

Ten thousand seven hundred and fifty two
never talks back, and never plays tongo

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Ten Forward

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