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Dat is one of my favorite project names. Everything about it sounds like a meme.

"Dat project", "Dat blog", "Dat protocol".

sign up now for beta testing my new game Super Climb Up! testing begins in October-November 2018


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The totally not surprising conclusion: the first resize operation failed after 4 hours at like 20% completion, completely screwing up the partition in question.

Always make backups, kids.

Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?

I'm doing multiple filesystem and partition resizes and moves. I haven't tried this for years because it always destroyed data.

I am very, very nervous, but also very relieved to have done backups before I started.

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I'm actually trying to finish Resident Evil. I have a tendency to save *constantly*, so I'm probably not going to do so well, but whatever.

any other community:
girl: my dick hurts
everyone: WHAT the FUCK
69 year old man: heh let's cyber

girl: my dick hurts
everyone: big fucking mood
69 year old man: jood (jean mood)

I recently dusted off my Vita and started playing Ys VIII. I forgot how pretty this game is. Just look at this title screen!

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