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Morning folks.

Never underestimate the cumulative effect of doing good in your sphere of influence. I know we all read the news and we get overwhelmed with the enormity of the tasks that need to be completed, but it's the little things that really count.

Do what you can where you live and where you're at. That's enough. It's the effort that counts because you're not alone and it adds up.

So what are your alternatives to amazon? While everyone is mad at google et al. They do know what you are shopping for, what you watch and what you read...

There is something wonderful about using hard disk platters as coasters.

To toot boldly where no one has tooted before

I don't smoke weed, so today is just Lucina's birthday.

I would have paid good money to have this guy as a moderator for several convention panels I have attended in the past. (Wondermark comic)

the part I dislike about gender neutral restrooms is that it doesn't stop men from peeing on the floor

i hate all code written by other people, especially the worst person of them all, Me From The Past

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What a great night for synthwave.

This might make me kind of a tool, but I'm pretty excited for the Switch release of Hyrule Warriors.

BuzzFeed Editor in Chief, Ben Smith, mentions Mastodon as an example of a social network that "comes after the social media empires"

re: rise of Switter: "Perhaps the most striking lesson here was the technical ease of spinning a big, functional new social network up in just a few days"

since apparently today is "send nudes day" just wanna remind everyone that mastodon DMs aren't encrypted and your admin can see any nudes you post/send via mastodon

plz use P2P encrypted communication channels for your nudes only

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When will my kidneys grow up into adultneys?

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