So, here we have a bingo "All lives matter" + "free speach" + "systematic racism doesn't exist in the US/AU"



11 FOOT 8 - The Can Opener Bridge

"The train trestle prominently featured in all the videos here has earned a reputation for its unrelenting enforcement of the laws of physics."


me, reading the word "sitcom:" ah yes,,, a Situationalist Communist

I want a team-based mecha that focuses on interpersonal drama, but instead of "the power of friendship" the show grows a damn spine and writes them into being a polycule.

say those three little words and im yours 

it's only a cishet if it's from the cishette region of France,, otherwise it's just a sparkling straight

bullshit holiday shit, guns, sarcasm 

Time to play my favorite game:

Fireworks or gunshots?

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bullshit holiday shit 

Gods I hate this holiday and the way it's celebrated. Fucking loud fireworks all through the night.

politics, opsec 

i just really want to emphasize the importance of keeping your activist action unassociated with your identity whenever possible

don't think cops and courts won't find a way to put you in prison. it doesn't matter if what you're doing is legal or not, they will find a way to arrest or imprison you if they deem you a threat

- don't bring your phone to any protest unless it's a burner that can't be traced back to you

- wear a face covering and match your clothes to those around you. cover tattoos and scars

- assume your usual locations and digital communications are bugged, proceed from there

- don't talk to cops. don't do it

- cops lie. they lie a lot. don't talk to cops

(they did the smash)
they did the keyboard smash
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so we all know autistic and adhd people have certain issues with our senses but nobody ever talks about how much visual pollution can affect us

and I'm not talking mess, I'm talking lots of different contrasting colors and eye catching details everywhere and awkward shadows and transparency

just so many things that are just asking to be looked at and????? I dont want it

neuroatypicality + 

On one hand, it would be really helpful to be competent at social games.

On the other hand, I really like being deliberate and honest, even if it means being a bit oblivious. It's so valuable to be able to just say what I mean.

There's something super fun about fixing, cleaning, and using hardware you dumpster-dove for.

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