*filling the house with cooking smoke* whoa, who turned down the draw distance


expunge "lazy" and "work ethic" from your vocabulary you fucking puritans

you know how in animal crossing nobody uses gendered terms unless you're playing in a language where it's literally impossible to not use gendered terms

why can't we just... always do that

joke about bone spurs 

trans thoughts 

us politics, health care 

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us politics, health care 

I wish I could give all of you hugs. Things are so tough right now. Be kind to each-other.

Funkwhale looks interesting. Are there any good pods? Can I upload my copyrighted music or is it just for indie artists? πŸ‘€

Seriously though, every gui toolkit has a different picker with different affordances and it bugs me a lot. Some support big preview thumbnails, some can automount stuff, some check against a tag database, etc.

It would be very useful to differentiate between things like "choose an image" and "choose a document".

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Linux graphical systems could *really* benefit from a file picker standard. By that I mean having several file pickers available, but being able to actually choose among them when a file picker is invoked.

So, uh, a file picker picker.

autism awareness, vent 

can i just say

β™₯ β™₯ β™₯ G I R L S β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

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gender take 

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