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It's time to pin a post about who I block I guess.

Things I take personally:
* internet touching (things like *hug*)
* slurs directed at me personally
* misgendering (my bio is right there)

Things I'm done dealing with:
* transphobes/homophobes
* obviously ableist bullshit
* slurs directed at other people
* cops and their bootlickers
* techbros
* fucking bitcoin
* capitalists and their bootlickers
* guys who think RMS is okay
* people who refuse to use CWs at all
* bad vibes


When I started marching as a trans person in London prides in 2007, the crowd of cis gay people were openly hostile. The friendliest reception we got was from the ones who pointed and laughed at us.

Now, there are entire marches were the SWP, of all people, have mass printed signs calling for trans rights.

And cis het people on the pavement cheer us along.

I know there's a backlash against us and things are hard, but we're winning. Like, really winning.

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I tried playing Factorio with default settings (I usually turn pollution and enemies off) and it's just not very fun. It's so bleak and unpleasant. Let me just build factories.

trans, getting letters 

A list of mental health professionals in the United States who will provide a letter of support for transgender services on first visit

(as given to me by one of the professionals on the list)

:boost_ok: Boosts very okay

Has anyone here played Sayonara Wild Hearts? Is there an option to make it flash less intensely for photosensitive players?

Boosts appreciated!

I become gayer by the day and I didn't even know that was possible.

Now I know. It can always be gayer.

the west is in the worst monoculture of entertainment, all based on exploitation/overwork of artists, built with the explicit intent of extracting as much cash for as little merit as possible, while all independent works go unnoticed or get sidelined

and copyright is to blame

capitalism bullshit - 

I hate how "sticker price" is so fucking meaningless in America. Taxes are extra, everybody has a fee (usually several), every cost gets pushed onto the buyer and it's all a scam anyway. The services do as little as possible and the products are as shitty as they can get away with and nothing is truly guaranteed to be what you expect.

Every time you buy something (or choose not to) you're the butt of the fucking joke that is capitalism and you can't even opt out.

last one out of liberty city... πŸ™οΈ 


is calibre still the ebook manager of choice on linux, or what other options are there?

PSA US passports 

Probably been said before but I just noticed that they changed the requirements for getting your gender marker changed. They NO LONGER require any form of doctors note and are planning on adding more than 2 gender markers!

Publishers should not exist in the age of digital distribution and their capital and political power must be stripped before the internet effectively becomes a proprietary digital distribution platform entirely under their control.

Do you want a world of manufactured pop or independent artists? Pick one.

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