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Time is running out to preserve #NetNeutrality .

All those who are able need to call Congress and demand that they support Net Neutrality. Time is running out; if we can’t get a vote, the repeal will become official in April!!

@KyokiKafuka @Yuki_G_t9tK

@balrogboogie our sysadmin only responds to "the crypt keeper"

"the universe", or as i call it, "god's fidget spinner"

"Want to come in," the first dragon said, "and see my hoard of gold?"
"You still sleep on gold?" said the other.
"So what are you on, Bitcoin?"
"Hardly. I hoard pillows."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

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"Books, shows, movies, and songs aren’t files we upload to our brains—they’re part of the tapestry of life, woven in with everything else. From a distance, it may become harder to see a single thread clearly, but it’s still in there.

“It’d be really cool if memories were just clean—information comes in and now you have a memory for that fact,” Horvath says. “But in truth, all memories are everything.”"


"Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read" by Julie Beck

What the hell America. You have shooting every other day and you still don’t want to make laws for guns. Yet you will make laws saying I can’t go in to the bathroom.

If your reaction to fast food workers striking to get $15/hr is “they don’t deserve to make that much because I don’t even make that much”, here’s our response to you: you deserve to make at least $15/hr, too.

So do fast food workers and maids and cashiers and janitors and childcare workers and interns and...

The goal is to eliminate wage labor, but so long as wage labor exists, everyone who sells their labor deserves a living wage.

A brief thought: I think we need to take a long step back from "irony" culture.

There's a pattern I see repeatedly where people immersed in "irony" seem to not comprehend that other people actually believe what they're saying, because "irony" dictates that THEY don't believe anything they're saying. It's all a joke; it's just "for the lulz", to score laughs and Internet Points.

Being earnest is a completely foreign concept, and so they assume NOBODY is earnest.

We should bring back cloaks as fashionable outerwear

Basically I just want to wear a blanket around all day

I think its interesting that fediverse users often use the mention syntax for twitter users, even though it won't link properly. Its like twitter is a really popular but uncooperative instance.