we're here we're queer and we will make the straights live in fear

ok so hear me out on this, cops need to be tazed to carry a tazer, so why dont they need to get shot to carry a gun? its just simple logic


I just glanced up at an ad for some kind of laundry gravel and for a second I thought they were tossing fistfuls of estradiol in the washing machine

Zelda bullshit 

I *was* excited about the Skyward Sword remaster until I found out that its $60. This game is 10 years old. I'm not paying $60 for a 10 year old game whose most important new feature is simply an accessible control scheme.


so how long until we go for a third attempt on electing a shit reality tv star with the exact catchphrase "make america great again" who deliberately intensifies a pandemic to target minorities

twitter thread re: NYPD cop robot weaknesses 


The most important takeaway here is that there is a handle underneath the robot, slightly forward of center, that one pulls to release the battery pack. A robot with no batteries isn't a functional robot, so be sure to move away as soon as you feel the catch release and the battery drop free.

Secondarily, *do not under any circumstances grab the robot by the joints.* It *will* break, if not outright *amputate,* fingers that are caught in its moving parts.

Third, all of its sensing systems are optical and spray paint is cheap and unregulated. (don't buy spray paint just to do crimes with it, kids.)

And finally, from further in the thread: "There is, of course, military versions in the works that probably get rid of most of these vulnerabilities but police departments are buying the civilian ones just cause they can."

"What drives you?"
"Rechargeable batteries," the robot said.
"No, what motivates you?"
"Oh. Curiosity, compassion, and spite."
"That's... unusual."
"I added the last one when my designers said I would only need the first two."
"I see."
"It helps me better analyse my impulses."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

i will die on this "people always said they, it only became seen as unusual when cis people learned about enbies" hill

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