I can't stop reading the www.ecocoin.com white paper. Honestly how are we supposed to satirize corporate tech bros when they roast themselves so comprehensively with their own ideas like this

If this weren't real it would truly be the Mona Lisa of tech satire


ecocoin, capitalist nonsense 

I assume that "each ECO coin is backed by a tree" means that I can actually redeem them for trees somewhere. That's what backing means in this context, right?

Did they just effectively claim ownership of *every tree on Earth*?

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ecocoin, capitalist nonsense 

@frostotron @sophia
I love the assumption that all trees are the same, so my ECO coin is going to be backed by the Fortingall Yew while youse all can have a sapling in a crate outside a shopping centre.

ecocoin, capitalist nonsense 

@frostotron @sophia
I’m not convinced they even asked any trees to get involved with this.

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