what the fuck how do i fix my face

it grows hair constantly and causes massive dysphoria and i dont know how to make it stop or at least look okay long enough for me to not want to die


Re: facial hair dysphoria, HRT 

@er1n From my understanding there are two permanent options. Laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction, not complete eradication, and doesn't really work well on light-colored hair.

Electrolysis is actual, FDA-approved hair removal. Its a lot more involved and freaks me out a bit, but it can destroy *all* of your facial hair.

HRT does *not* reduce facial hair like it does for body hair.

Re: facial hair dysphoria, HRT 

@er1n Both laser and electrolysis are pretty expensive and not typically covered by insurance, but they both vary a bit in price. You can often find discounts for laser, and maybe electrolysis, but I wasn't looking.

Re: facial hair dysphoria, HRT 

@frostotron @er1n i sense that it's OT now, but i do want to mention, just in case it's helpful to someone, that the relatively easily acquired Kaiser HMO insurance here in the Bay Area got pretty solid for basic trans stuff/surgeries about 3 years ago, and facial hair removal via electro/laser is one thing they cover.

i know a few other regional Kaiser orgs have rolled out similarly inclusive coverage, but it really varies by location.

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