question for trans people, please boost 

Is there a payment handler (like Paypal, Zelle, etc.) that *doesn't* blast my deadname at everybody I interact with?

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question for trans people, please boost 

@frostotron google pay seems not to if that fits your needs. Looking through my history I don't usually see names, just emails. Not sure what causes the names to show up, I don't see names for some people that I know for a fact have names set in their google accounts. As far as I can tell, the names are just directly pulled from the account, but I can't even seem to force the name from my account to show up in order to confirm that.

question for trans people, please boost 

@frostotron still figuring out exactly how this works, but it seems promising so far. The only name that seems to come through is the name on my google account, not anything tied to the card/bank used.

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