Retro game repair question 

This is a long shot, but is there a safe way to move those fancy lenticular n64 cartridge labels (Majora's Mad is the only one I know) to a new shell? I don't think anyone is manufacturing new labels like that, but if you know where to find them then that's appreciated as well.

Boosts are appreciated!

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re: Retro game repair question 

@frostotron It's probably not going to be cheap, but worst case it appears there are companies that make custom lenticular cards, which could be used as replacements if you can figure out how to get the appropriate source image (and assuming you can find one that's not worried about copyright problems, I suppose....)

re: Retro game repair question 

@Felthry Yeah, I was worried about how much money it costs, but eventually even that will be cheaper than buying original carts in good shape.

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