mtg question 

Hey is there a tournament-legal (but also not ugly) way to mark sleeved cards as sideboard cards so that I don't have to just memorize them?

Boosts appreciated.

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re: mtg question 

@kara Yeah, so far the least ugly method I've found is "make a list card". Markers run the risk of bleeding into other stuff.

mtg question 

@frostotron Maybe a little sticker on the front of the sleeve? Or slip a scrap of paper in front of the card?

mtg question 

@frostotron I would imagine using double sleeving, and use a permanent marker on the inner sleeve, careful to make sure it's dry, then sleeving in an outer sleeve. The ink shouldn't smudge much if at all, and keeps it off the card, your hand, and other sleeves.

Maybe do this with very thin stickers, but depending on the judge, they might call that 'marked', in case someone could feel the extra thickness through the sleeves.

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