Hey does anybody know if there's a wiki (or at least a website) for video game accessibility features?

Also, is there anywhere that tells me whether I can play any given game as a girl?

Boosts appreciated!

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By "a website for video game accessibility features" I mean a website that has a page for each game that lists features, and not general information about said features.

Things like "This game has subtitles, they have a backdrop and are easy to read." or "This game has x,y,z color-blind modes and is playable in them."

@Jo This honestly looks like it has more or less random information on games. :/

I looked at three titles and none of them had any of this information. Thank you though!

@frostotron Yeah, it's not the most ideal source, but it's a start. :blobawkward:

@frostotron Not sure if this is what you're looking for but Game Maker's Toolkit has a few videos on it, so that might also be a starting point? (

@secretlySamantha I really like gmtk but I'm looking for something like a wiki that lists individual games' accessibility features. I can see how that isn't clear in my earlier post though.

@frostotron I figured that might be the case, but thought I'd share it anyway just in case. sorry I wasn't able to find anything more useful

@frostotron nowadays there are almost always women's leagues for games that were once limited to men πŸ‘οΈ

@frostotron not quite sure about the second part of your question, but have you looked at the website can I play that?

@blindscribe This is actually really, really good and I haven't seen it before, but it doesn't have that quick-glance readability or the goal of covering as many games as possible that, say, a wiki would. Thank you for sharing it!

@frostotron I actually just started on the planning stages for a site that does this because my partner and I *need* it to exist and we also couldn't find one.

That's not much help to you right now

@LazyTechsupport Oh? May I help? I was honestly considering doing that myself, but running something like that is no small task.

@frostotron that would be great actually, like I said we're just throwing ideas around at the moment. seeing what sort of site we could actually handle running: wiki/review blog/something else.
"running a community" and being chat moderators is not something either of us has the energy for, but getting feedback on if the info is useful is a very important part of the whole idea.

@frostotron Laura Kate's Access-ability video series sounds kind of in the ballpark of what you're looking for

@amandag That's a really good video series that I already watch, but I'm talking about something with the goal of covering as many games as possible, like a wiki or something. She only does videos of a few, usually big-name games.

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