So far blocked a good handful of anti-Semites here on Mastodon.

Any other people that wish for the death of the Jews that I should know about and block?

@BryanLunduke man that is NOT COOL. Most especially since so many people came to Mastodon instances as a refuge from Nazi type people.

As an instance admin I'd also add you should report such people to the admins of their respective instances so they can be dealt with. They are like (bad) graffiti...if they are not cleaned up they attract more blight.

@msh Appreciate that. You're a good one. :)

Honestly, I'm torn on how to deal with it. Mostly I just block those people... I'm a die hard "Free Speech" kinda guy... even when I disagree with the speech.

Dunno. It's hard. :)

@bryanlunduke @msh The problem is: What to do when people are their own "administrator" on their own instance? I don't like blocking either, therefore I prefer questioning and marking arguments just as empty reasoning. But to underline the first question / sentence, because I'm shocked about the typical way of "That's my opinion, deal with it!" I have read just a few moments ago within those talks.

@throgh @msh It is a tough one. Honestly... if I were running my own Mastodon instance... I'm not sure how I'd respond. On the one hand, blocking evil seemd prudent.

On the other hand... blocking stops conversation. And limits speech. Which I wouldn't want done to me.

Hard, man. Hard.


@BryanLunduke @throgh @msh

I don't think its that hard of a decision. Nazis advocate for genocide, and they gaslight non-nazis and abuse your value of free speech to normalize their hate in public conversations. They contort the idea of free speech into meaning that everyone should give them a platform, which is definitely not how it works.

Nazis aren't just speaking their mind, they're actively trying to manipulate people.

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@msh @throgh @BryanLunduke

I want to be clear, I don't mean a zero tolerance policy. Its obviously not that simple. However, don't feel bad about blocking these accounts or instances if you see a problem.

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