food mention, meat 

Captain Barbaros has this weird bit of hair that looks like he stuck a strip of bacon in his hat.

game piracy, Nintendo, shitpost, extremely loud image 

Me: I'm just going to download this 30 year old game for free and play it in a technologically superior way because that's what literally everybody does.


tonight in Shitty Web Trends 

This screen was taken from a Firefox browser. I don't even have Chrome installed. Touching it just navigates to the mobile site normally and, thankfully, does not tell me that Chrome is required.

lewd, Dic logo, you know where this is going 

Oooops, that text was supposed to be a content warning.

*closes browser window because her home timeline slowed down*

*opens on mobile and finds exactly the same timeline*

library bragging 

This is my city's central library. Its 9 floors of public services, including art exhibits, speaking rooms, sound-dampening music practice rooms, a children's library, a youth library equipped with a bunch of technology, a maker lab that hosts classes most days, and of course, they lend books, have maps, microfilms, and a whole floor of public computers.

All of it is usable free of charge. If you find yourself in Chicago, go spend some time there. It even has its own train stop.

I actually never found out whether the Enterprise's buttons were resistive or capacitative touch interfaces, and that changes this joke a lot.

The crew sure makes them look like resistive panels with all their slamming, but lots of people do that with their cell phones.

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