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Ok I think we all need to talk about Time's Arrow (TNGS5E26-S6E01) and the fact that the Enterprise crew just destroyed intelligent aliens they didn't understand. The aliens needed some "human life-force" to survive and only took it from people in earth's past via non-interference measures e.i by taking it at the moment of natural-historic death. But no that was seen as a direct threat to humanity and they had to be killed for it with modified photon torpedoes in phase with the alien habitat

I think I'll still watch the new discovery, but i'm already sure I'll reject it.

thinkin bout next gen 

my mental pathways have become accustomed to its sensory input patterns.

I finished a sketchbook and lost it on the same day. Luckily, It was recovered, so I spent a good half hour today scanning most of it.
There's lots of nice, thoughtful drawings in there, but for now i'll just post this

Can't sleep cos' of a bad sore throat. So I guess i'll finally watch Beyond. Pray for geordi :blobthinkingeyes:

I'm a student in Iceland and I started watching ST when I was 10 years old living in Scotland 3 episodes a day for two years. On tv they were showing one TNG, DS9, and then VOY anf I've watched these three over and over again ever since, but I never really got into ENT and my SO and I just recently started watching TOS and are now finishing S2. Also have very strong opinions on Discovery.

is it an aeroplane?
its a spaceship
why isnt the spaceship moving?
why arent they wearing spacesuits?
why is that man wearing so much sunscreen?
he's an android

(watching tng with the family)

Ok how come in tng unnatural selection genetically engineered humans are super ok and research into it is supported by starfleet?

Ten Forward

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