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things that make me feel like i live in the future
- video doctor visits
- getting library books on my Kindle
- neon hair is mainstream
- those self propelled skateboard things with one wheel in the middle

Looking for a new developer job! Remote or PDX. Python, JavaScript, React, SQL. I enjoy full stack dev and data mangling. I'd love to continue working in healthcare and/or with products, businesses making the world a better place. Resume:

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last night it was cool enough that I was able to use blankets! I feel like this summer has been particularly long.

@gizm0_0 in case you want moar ๐Ÿ… content

*crawls out from under rock*
so.. what are your favorite fresh tomato recipes that aren't gazpacho??

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I have taken
The daylight
That was in
The sky

And which you
We're probably
For some no-longer-relevant agricultural purpose

Forgive me
It is very dark
So dark
And so cold

The arms are not what they seem

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I've been looking for things to do with my time that bring me joy. I've always enjoyed watching "claymation" videos, and now that I have some residual neurons left after $work, I can actually pursue hobbies! Here is my first claymation attempt. I made this using iStopMotion with the app to turn my iPhone into the camera. The apps are kinda flakey and crash a bit, but for $20 it seems like an ok investment. Card board box, $3 clay, and a camping headlight + duct tape :)

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Anyone else use feeling a bit sick as an excuse to eat a sleeve is saltines?

Regarding my toot yesterday about finding orgs to contribute to that are helping those targeted by ICE - here's what I've learned so far. These are in Oregon, but you might be able to find similar groups in your area - more groups listed

Aurora Borealis! At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country? Localized entirely within your kitchen?

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@gaditb @gizm0_0 we aren't a part of a national network but the pioneer valley workers center does fight ICE in Western Massachusetts.

You should search "sanctuary movement" in your local area

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Does anyone know of groups I can donate to who are helping victims of ICE?

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