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domain renewal time for!

if you've found or the @selfcare & @selfcare_gentle bots helpful and want to chip in a buck or two, now's a great time!

i've got the hosting covered, so i'm only going to mention this annually. :D

I am very delighted that it's cool enough for soft pants and a hoodie, and the AQI is low enough to open the windows

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Need a UX designer with roots in open source? I am looking for full-time opportunities in 2019. πŸ”₯

a summer food of my people: Italian dressing marinated meat, called "spiedies" (spee-deez) where I grew up.

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@Gargron I don't know who's cat this is but it's the most beautiful cat I've ever seen. I met him in a suburb in baton rouge in June and was blessed by this magical creature's presence. I now pass his glory onto you.

we get some large yams in our imperfect produce box. cutting them up into fries and grilling them is pretty tasty. olive oil, smoked paprika, salt, and garlic powder. gonna be another hot week. 😭

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Tell all your friends. I'm teaching a free, trans-centered, programming class in NYC in a few days. with and

the react rally ... mascot? seems to be a squid. it's good. also I rode one of those scooters for the first time today and they are both fun and kinda terrifying

couldn't sync my iTunes onto my Android phone so I grabbed an old iPod nano. will be interesting to see what music is on here. I also have an iPhone 5S that I really like, just can't get data service on it with my carrier. these older models feel more futuristic to me than the giant phablet things. any other tooters heading to ?

things that make me feel like i live in the future
- video doctor visits
- getting library books on my Kindle
- neon hair is mainstream
- those self propelled skateboard things with one wheel in the middle

Looking for a new developer job! Remote or PDX. Python, JavaScript, React, SQL. I enjoy full stack dev and data mangling. I'd love to continue working in healthcare and/or with products, businesses making the world a better place. Resume:

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last night it was cool enough that I was able to use blankets! I feel like this summer has been particularly long.

*crawls out from under rock*
so.. what are your favorite fresh tomato recipes that aren't gazpacho??

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I have taken
The daylight
That was in
The sky

And which you
We're probably
For some no-longer-relevant agricultural purpose

Forgive me
It is very dark
So dark
And so cold

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