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I just updated my AO3 profile. I stated how comfortable I am with 1) works based on what I've created and 2) constructive criticism in the comments. I think other people should do the same. Please boost.

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Hi, I'm apple. 🍎 You could also call me "pen". She/her/hers pronouns. I'm part of the You can find me on .

I'm still figuring out how the heck Mastodon (and Mastalab) works. I'm still figuring out the unspoken etiquette, too. Please bear with me.

I'm a shipper. I've seen TOS and TNG. I don't mind spoilers. If I was in Starfleet I'd be a red shirt, like Uhura.

Other fandoms I like:

So I got into the graphic design school I applied to earlier! which is really awesome since this was my 6th year trying 😩

if u want to support me, I have a patreon and ko-fi!

also my commissions are open 🥰

New shirt day! Got another v good design in the mail as well!

Calling all #writers: In August a couple of friends and myself are launching #writersmonth, a prompt challenge akin to Inktober, except for writers of any kind.
The blog is on Tumblr, but we have an AO3 collection, and absolutely everybody's welcome.
(Boosts would be great, btw! *g*)

Some friendly #ArtAdvice from your Fairy Artmother: the #PortfolioDay tag is trending again on twitter, so now is a really great time to grab a 3-4 of your best pieces and join in!

You'll want a [very short] blurb about who you are and what kind of work you like to do! Remember, if you're angling for jobs/commissions, only include images of the kind you want to do more of!

(I.e., Don't post landscapes if you want to be hired for character art.)

The existence of fluffy, light, subtly-flavored angel’s food cake is of course typically contrasted with the dark, rich and extremely chocolatey devil’s food cake, which encompasses the theological spectrum of baking.

In another field, that of noodles, the existence of fine angel hair pasta, by analogy, suggests a hypothetical thicker noodle known as “devil hair pasta.” In this essay I will

Here's my entry for day one of Sabriel Week! Prompt: Hurt/Comfort
Thanks to everyone at the Sam Needs Gabriel Discord!

I collaborated with Dual Wield Studio to create some enamel pins on the astrological western zodiac.

The Kickstarter for it is live! It ends July 13. Get them discounted while you can!

#DualWieldStudio #astrology #zodiac #kickstarter #enamelpins #merch #creativetoots #mastoart

@typhlosion might i suggest the ultimate prank: dipping raisins in chocolate, baking the raisins into cookies, and giving them out to all your frenemies

Whats the legal deffinition of loitering? And why is there a No Loitering sign at my local park?

I don't want to own and manage a bar, but I really want a place called The Reading Room, where it's quiet and you can bring your own book or borrow something from the shelf and the waitstaff will only bother you when you've raised a sign you want table service to be a thing near me. Yes, there's wifi, but it's not fast enough for streaming video. Please use headphones if you want your own music.

When ppl just strike up random conversations with me irl i get as angry as i would if they physically shoved me.

Okay. I have printer paper, a box of crayons, gel pens, black fineliner markers, and a whole lotta hubris. Now what shall I do?!

one of my fav things about fandom/ao3 is that I can get reminded of a show I haven't thought about for 10 years and check ao3 and find people are still writing for it right now in 2019

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