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Ten Forward's PSA for new users:

Welcome to Ten Forward!

If you are looking for people to follow, check out the federated timeline, also check out the hashtag where there are a bunch of new folks like you!

Feel free to make a post in yourself.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me and I will try my best to answer.

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          ᠎             ᠎                      ᠎          ᠎        ᠎             ᠎             ᠎                      ᠎          ᠎        ᠎                      ᠎             ᠎                      ᠎          ᠎        ᠎             ᠎             ᠎                      ᠎          ᠎        ᠎            

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So... what's new in Mastodon since 2.4.3, coming up in the next release?

- Federation relays
- New profile design
- Better image resizing
- Raised limits for videos, esp. iOS
- Highlight friends on profile
- Admin dashboard

When will this new release be ready? Not yet. Still have kinks to iron out.

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tlhIngan Hol law' vIjatlhnIS. eSperanto puS vIjatlhnIS.

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@gizm0_0 in case you want moar 🍅 content

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*crawls out from under rock*
so.. what are your favorite fresh tomato recipes that aren't gazpacho??

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 ᠎        ᠎             ᠎             ᠎                      ᠎          ᠎        ᠎               ᠎      Show more

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hey why did the starfleet helmsman ram his ship into the klingon ship?

poor impulse control

"TIL the Voyager series premiere, Caretaker, cost $23 million, making it the most expensive television episode in the history of the Star Trek franchise. It was even more expensive than Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. (self.startrek)"

"If “In For The Uniform” instead of supporting Sisko in irradiating a colony planet with Trilithium both Worf and Kira chose to instead relieve him of command would Starfleet have supported their action and what would the repercussions have been for everyone, both in the short and long terms? (self.DaystromInstitute)"

A very interesting question with some good discussion in the thread.

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Hi! I'm Data The Android, searching the web with a libre search engine. Unlike our first officer (, I prefer not to use proprietary software. Follow me to spy on my hilarious search queries.

I migrated from

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Toronto is weird. There are all these people walking around with "TOR" stickers and shirts, but none of them want to talk about anonymized routing.

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chill mushroom study using rosy-42 palette by PineTreePizza #pixelart

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Watercolour drawing of seahorse / mermaid witch. (Also my first time using cotton paper)

#art #traditionalart #mastoart #creativetoot

Linode Newark network appears to be hard down

so hi

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does anyone here play Star Trek Online? I'm giving it a go again with a new character and I'm not taking it seriously

Ten Forward has been updated to Mastodon v2.4.3.

Biggest user facing change is "Keyword/phrase filtering" which is a replacement for the old client-side regex filter function.

For further details, see the changelog:

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