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Ten Forward's PSA for new users:

Welcome to Ten Forward!

If you are looking for people to follow, check out the federated timeline, also check out the hashtag where there are a bunch of new folks like you!

Feel free to make a post in yourself.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me and I will try my best to answer.

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Oh, yeah... I find it interesting that both of my usernames (Formedras and Terxbor) seem to be unique throughout the entire planet.
The only search results on Google and Bing that aren't me (or a bozo from my past looking for me) for "Formedras" are some medical term "formed RAS." Genetics, I think.
As for "Terxbor," there's nothing but me. NOTHING. Considering the name's a Kingdom Hearts II reference (and that my real first name is kinda common), I'm surprised.

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Does anyone remember the Armored Core series? Especially the PS1/PS2 games, the series' young prime.
If not, and you play video games, you should try it out. Backwards-compatible (or modded) PS3s play all the good games just fine. (Not AC4/FA and AC5/VD. AC4's just decent. And ACV's a disaster.)
Difficulty curve's a little steep, but nowhere near Dark Souls. You should manage the first few missions and Arena fights fine.

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I've been playing through Armored Core 2 for the last week or so. First time in at least a decade. Maybe over 15 years. I've still got skills.

My current progress:
Cleared "Zio City Infiltration"
All hidden weapons obtained except in "Escort Train" and "Eliminate Leos Klein"
Rank 1 in Arena
26 sorties, success rate 100%
50 arena wins, 32 losses, win rate 60%

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Inspired by @celphiedknight (thank you @guinan's boost), an :

Hi, I'm Formedras; I also go by Terxbor. (Form or Terx for short.)

I'm an old-school gamer, all the way down to my birthdate: I share it with Super Mario Bros. But of course modern games are great too.
And I'm a programmer. Hmm. You think I should combine them? Me too. ( Too bad I don't have tons of skill. Or people working with me.

Also it'd help to not have depre... dang it. Out of room.

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3rd try...? Added the belt I forgot to draw! x_x"

|| Sanrowe ||
Captain Sanrowe Calhoun Sutsaika, the Fleet Admiral's Staff AMPHI/SEC Officer and commander of the staff's guard unit.

Sanrowe started her career as a regular starnaval officer and marine, but a mission gone wrong left her legs paralyzed. She now gets around using an exoskeleton and a cane, & she permanently switched gears to guard corps and staff officer after the incident.

#art #mastoart #scifi #wlw #aliens #oc #character

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Darkness is the reason for the season.

It just occurred to me that MAYBE part of the reason we have festiveness and lots of lights this time of year is because it's so god damn dark and cold*

*coming from a western & northern hemispherist perspective

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I'm proud of you, son
a man with many friends

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Time for a real on here!

I go by CeiphiedKnight or Arlette.

I'm a full time fangirl. I'm sorta goth but I also really like pink. Bears are everything. 🐻

I'm pansexual but married to a dude, so it rarely comes up. I suffer from anxiety, depression, & fibromyalgia. It sucks but 🤗

Find me here:

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What currency or service to use to replace Patreon? It goes without saying, I prefer something more stable than Bitcoing, like latinum.

How is there not a "gold pressed latinum" cryptocurrency? ...searches, nevermind, of course there is. Wow, there's a lot of things called latinum in etherium. Rom! take over the bar for the night, I need to do some reading...

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So personal donation/tip-jar updates:

I have made a Liberapay account today.

You can find it here:

I am still keeping my Patreon account so if you prefer to use that:

If you prefer one-time donations:

Any contributions you make are used to offset the cost of hosting my Mastodon instances (personal and Ten Forward).

Thank you! ❤️

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I just hate the idea of people thinking that I want money without giving something back. I'm just not wired that way, unless someone wants to and doesn't ask for anything in return. Even then, I often feel guilty!

So, yeah, I'm trying. Since I'm new here, I'm hoping that I can get new ideas from new folks. :)

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I am looking for ideas from all of you lovely people on the other side of the screen!

It has to do with money again, sadly, but more what I can do to improve my situation.

I have tried:

1. Etsy store. Used my tax return to start up, never broke even
2. Costume commissions. Not a great way to make $$ for the amt of work involved (Also chronic pain & depression makes this harder)
3. Streaming. I made a Twitch page w/ a donate thing, but I'm inconsistent

So, I'm open for suggestions!

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Oh, I am also on the hook for the MRI and various radiology testing I had done on my arm that has given me pain and numbness since January 2016. No diagnosis, but those bills are still due. Woo America!

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So, I know everyone in the entire world is strapped for cash, but as a reminder I do have an Etsy store with many inexpensive items that would make great gifts:

I also have...

I hate the idea of asking for a few bucks without giving something in return, so I am willing to write fanfic for ko-fi donations! Things are just really rough right now because I got a concussion in April & still have two ER visits to pay for. Please boost!

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My opening scene idea: A busy cafe on an alien world, robotic waiters flying around, tentacles, blue people, some humanoids. We pan in to a pair of Ferengi males in the corner talking closely. Conspiring.

"You ready?" "Yes, let's do it"
They kiss passionately and then one of them jumps up the table, fires a disrupter into the ceiling and yells:

"Everyone put their latinum on the table! Any of you fucking targs move and I'll vapourize every motherfucking last one of you!"

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