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I haven't done one of these in a while so if you wish to support the hosting costs of, you can do so either via Patreon for recurring payments or PayPal for one time donations.

All donations are directly applied to my Linode account credit and used for paying for the server

Thank you for your help!



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Ten Forward's PSA for new users:

Welcome to Ten Forward!

If you are looking for people to follow, check out the federated timeline, also check out the hashtag where there are a bunch of new folks like you!

Feel free to make a post in yourself.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me and I will try my best to answer.

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Le logo klingon en point de croix

Je trouve que ça rend bien 👌 #mastoart #startrek

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I enjoy & immensely. Some of my favorites (besides Star Trek) are , the new , , &

I'm very passionate about & . My next phone is going to be the .

I am an ethical for life.

I love to read (mostly fantasy)

There's a lot more about me, but that's definitely long enough. If you want to know more, just ask!

Give me a follow if you're interested and don't be afraid to @ me.

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​ (1 of 2)

Reposting this because of all the new users.

I'm a huge and love the things most people associate with that word.

I have a deep, lifelong passion for all of

I enjoy playing . The was my favorite console.

I'm currently loving the . I love and will always have their latest console(s).

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Okay this is controversial, but I believe that Doctor Who was on Star Trek the original series. In Assignment: Earth, the crew time travels to the past and meets a time traveler, Gary Seven. We know little about the travels of the forgotten Doctor played by John Hurt, and there is often memory loss after a regeneration, so the Gary Seven name could be due to memory confusion. We don’t see a Tardis in the episode, but still ...

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I wish I could do an instance-only post to encourage more Ten Forwardians to share their top 5 Star Trek crushes with me. Just one so far! This is so important you guys :'-(

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A Star Trek spinoff idea :StarfleetInsignia: Show more

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Picard show, potentially good news (in my opinion) Show more

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My ST girls top 5 hotlist:

1) Jadzia Dax
2) Mirror Universe Kira
3) Uhura
4) Kira
5) Crusher

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ST top 5 hotlist:

1) Spock
2) Kira
3) Jadzia
4) McCoy
5) Lorca (or I'll take Lucius Malfoy instead, is that okay)

Thx to @Jessicacrets!

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My ST boys top 5 hotlist:

1) Spock
2) Data
3) Kirk
4) Geordi
5) DS9 Worf

(Thank you @Jessicacrets for starting this important conversation)

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@staticsafe and @chosafine follow up on the new Epic Games Store, take a short trip to Dongletown, and spend the rest of the episode yelling about the web.

Shades Of Brown Episode 76: Are The Kids Still Using Arch Linux?

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solarpunk star trek Show more

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the solarpunk star trek is actually a macgyver reboot

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Star Trek DS9/Star Wars (+ Return of the Jedi minor spoiler) Show more

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I noticed tonight that IMDB has the schedule for when Season 2 of Discovery will be aired. Starting on January 17, we’ll have a new episode each Thursday right on through the return of Daylight Saving time here in the US. That’s welcome news as winter deepens and hibernation instincts kick in. Something to look forward to. ✨

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Oh Saru.... STDISCO spoilers Show more

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Short Trek: The Brightest Star thoughts Show more

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I'm hoping Discovery's second season gives a little insight into Airiam. I think there's a story there.

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