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The Romulans see themselves in humanity, but also their greatest fear come true. Their ethos is better explained by historic trauma than a desire to conquer. (self.DaystromInstitute) by /u/Ut_prosim


The Dyson Sphere Was Likely Once a Binary Star System With Another Star About the Mass of the Sun (self.DaystromInstitute) by /u/VigodaLives


ah a writeup about one of my favourite episodes from TNG, I really do wish the Dyson sphere in that episode was brought up again

Do federation citizens (or those under its jurisdiction) have a right to private thoughts? (self.DaystromInstitute)


The Borg don't respond to intruders because they don't even know they're there until they cause trouble by /u/adamkotsko (self.DaystromInstitute)


okay onto the next episode "Rogue Planet"

just as I thought Enterprise couldn't get any darker from a lighting perspective...

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"Gene Rodenberry's vision" is often brought up as an argument on r/DaystromInstitute about ST: Discovery and honestly..

I don't think Rodenberry's vision much relevance to me in what I want to see from a Star Trek show *now*

sure we need to keep it in mind but deviations from it are as much part of Star Trek as the vision itself

Discovery S2 season finale thoughts 

also a big fan of the cavalry arrival in the form of the Kelpien fighters and the Klingon chancellor's fleet

also that Klingon cleave ship damn 👀


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Discovery S2 season finale thoughts 

I knew going into this that there was gonna be at least one Grand Sacrifice

that scene went as well as I could hope I think

RIP the Admiral

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Discovery S2 season finale thoughts 

wow okay that was quite the season finale

the first bit of the episode got my heart racing, those shots and the way they progressed the scenes, well done

the Burnham and Spock interactions in this one were top notch, "I will look for you in the stars" got me good 😢

gotta admit the Leland screaming scene was cathartic for me as it was for Georgiou

Discovery S02E10 thoughts 

holy shit this episode

so much happened

Burnham is the Red Angel but not actually? its her mom?

Time crystal????

Leland got killed by some evil AI from the future??

that scene with Georgiou, Stamets and Culber???

Burnham's pardon is a tacit admission the admiralty is to blame for the Battle of the Binary Stars (self.DaystromInstitute) by /u/adamkotsko


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