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Ten Forward users:

update, our queue is now cleared, federation speed should be back to normal

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Ten Forward users:

Federation is going to be a bit slow as the Sidekiq queue is 300k+ tasks because I'm deleting inactive users on this instance.

I'm keeping an eye on the queue, I'll update when it is clear again.

📢 Ten Forward Moderation Announcement 📢

The following instance(s) have been suspended from Ten Forward:

Pedophilia defenders, freespeechextremist/Kiwifarms association etc.

Tue Nov 12 16:54:42 UTC 2019

📢 Ten Forward Moderation Announcement 📢

The following instance has been suspended from Ten Forward:

Reason - yet another Gab user/sympathizer

Thu Nov 7 19:00:46 UTC 2019

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Going over to a good friends house tomorrow to play this Hu-mahn game called DnD for the first time ever. Yes, I know. Tips? Warnings? Advice?

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My wife, who does not , is debating with me that elephants, and thus Mastodon's would not make a toot sound. Do you you agree?

A real mastodon would make the following sound:

📢 Ten Forward Moderation Announcement 📢

The following instance has been suspended from Ten Forward:

Reason - homophobia, anti-Semitism, the works

Fri Oct 25 03:46:50 UTC 2019

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@guinan the core Taoist doctrine of Wu Wei is all about being hands-off and allowing things to develop naturally on their own without interference:

the Prime Directive seems like the natural extension of this philosophy to the interplanetary scale

the novel Lathe of Heaven is maybe the best explanation/exploration of Wu Wei that I know:

📢 Ten Forward Scheduled Maintenance Announcement 📢

Linode has scheduled maintenance for the host node that is on therefore there will be a short period of downtime while they perform that.

Date and time:
2019-10-22 3:00:00 AM UTC

Linode allocates a two hour window for the maintenance but the downtime is typically less than 30 minutes.

All relevant services on the server are configured to come back up after a reboot, I will be awake and monitoring as well.

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Star Trek Nerd Shit: Important Poll 

Favourite Enterprise character

It's been 0 days since there has been another Tuvix related thread on r/DaystromInstitute..

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Dungeon Masters!

I have a one-shot adventure I'm playtesting:

Danger is never far in the Gloaming, where marshes and mesas give home to bandits and beasts... Recently... [a] bandit calling himself "King Bark" has been mugging travellers. Now, farmers are reporting missing livestock...

This adventure is set in tragically funny fantasy world of Teraum, in the year 80pc, during the Reconstruction Era.

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This is a bugfix release.


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Your regular reminder that you can help support the financial costs of running Ten Forward which is currently at USD $25 per month.

We are $2 away from reaching that goal on our Patreon!

One-time donations are also accepted via Paypal.

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What's your favorite two-part episode?

(Two or more part, I guess, so folk can answer with the end of DS9 if they'd like.)

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@guinan i once wrote up this whole theory that in fact the federation is, semi-unbeknownst to the humans, actually a post-singularity civilization rife with strong AIs who are mostly going about their own business all over the galaxy and sort of maintaining the functions of the human-level systems at a kind of autonomous-nervous-system level of functioning.

To me that suggests that the Federation is able to create "emergent" AAI that can become sentient but ship computers have restraints placed on them to prevent such emergence from occurring.

This to presumably avoid the consequences of having sentient ship computers with fully realized rights that every Federation citizen possesses amongst other complications like for example: the ship computer having a conscience and rejecting a order based on that.

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In TNG: "Measure of a Man" Guinan suggests that: "regardless of whether Data is a machine or not, Maddox's plans for reproducing him would lead to a situation tantamount to slavery."

Picard then argues that Data meets 2 out of 3 criteria that Maddox uses to define sentient life - intelligence and self-awareness and the third consciousness cannot be measured.

AFAIK, ship computers in ST have never demonstrated self-awareness but can create such beings (see TNG - Moriarty, VOY EMH).

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The theory that the Federation is aware that their ship computers are indeed sentient but are suppressing said sentience is a chilling one.

That is much different from Federation computers being able to simply pretend to be sentient but not actually be sentient.

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