Getting ready to go swing dancing, need to break in the new dance shoes!!

I'm on the phone with my insurance and they have the most hilariously painful hold recording, which is just a woman yelling "PLEASE WAIT" as me from the ether every few seconds.

Contrary to popular belief, depression just makes us artists useless. I miss painting.

So the question is, is it specifically garlic? What about scallions? Onions? Shallots? I need to know for when I'm turned. It's important.

Also, thank you to everyone that's saying hello and welcome to me, it's wonderful and I'm happy to be here.

I made lunch, got sour cream on my shirt. Now I have to wash it. Will the suffering never end? 😐

Hooo-boy, I've no idea what I'm getting into. I'm Imithly, huge Star Trek fan, podcaster trying to get back into podcasts, and hella lgbtq. Someone pointed me in this direction, but I am social media incompetent.

Ten Forward

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