take control of our lives
And he told me, in passing
Because life goes on

you know when you start up a PS1 and it's all like
ᵇᶦʷʷʷʷʷʷʷ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ ᴅᴏDAᴰᴵ pshhhwwwwwwwwww~...

ffwooaaAahh... dooooo, dooooo... duuuuu

The last of the practice overpaintings. This series was a good learning experience though it could've been better. I remember color picking a lot because I wasn't confident of my colors, which is a shame because I would've learned more if I had struggled to get the colors right. On the bright side I know get to upload newer things (with more mistakes made 100% by me!). GuephrenArt #Guephren #DigitalPainting #Painting #Art #Zelda

"...after an hour they came upon another lunar rover that had been standing on the moon’s surface for thousands of years..."

I LOVE this story.

If you whistle what you're listening to on headphones at work in a quiet office I should be legally allowed to throw my coffee mug at your head.

   ᠎    ᠎    ᠎    ᠎     ᠎    ᠎    ᠎    ᠎     ᠎    ᠎    ᠎    ᠎     ᠎    ᠎    ᠎    ᠎     ᠎    ᠎    ᠎ 

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