Very specific and inconsequential anger 

I'm still mad that tech stuff tries to steal valor from food, I know what you're doing is boring as hell but you can't just have the food words, I need to search Google for "homemade marshmallow" sometimes and I doN'T WANT TO SEE ANY FUCKING PHONES

mew, choosing colors is hard. and the crayons don't say what the colors are :o

i may be smol, but don't underestimate me!

Undertale came out about 5 years ago, and to commemorate it, a full-on orchestra performed the soundtrack!

While I've never actually played Undertale, I've enjoyed the music, and this just makes it even better. I now have this playing in the background.

(the actual orchestra starts at 47:45, which the link should take you to).

:blobcatheart: here is a luv for you, in case you need it

snek news! and snek pic :} 

one more pic before slep πŸ’œπŸ’š Spectra is watching snek!

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snek news! and snek pic :} 

Chara decided to move Waxie's tank to the room of their friend Kaylin, and snek seems to like the change very much! :} :} :} Kaylin loves to give Waxie attention. she took this picture of snek curled up in her plastic log πŸ’šπŸ’š

this caturday i want to go somewhere with you! *hops in your bag*

it's time to settle the most important #fall #question with a #poll


I am rather pleased by this silly little exercise, which Asriel has kindly recorded for me. all it does is pepper a window with random lower-case Roman letters.

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