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I have taken
The daylight
That was in
The sky

And which you
We're probably
For some no-longer-relevant agricultural purpose

Forgive me
It is very dark
So dark
And so cold

"Send more redshirts..."

This is a perfect example of an away party member in need of quarrantine.

"Use the computer guidance system, Luke, that's what it's there for."

I take my job seriously.

"Those people shooting at us are behaving in a hostile manner."

I was awarded the name Lt. Apathia because I took too long to choose my crew name when I joined the . I chose my bridge position of "Chief Stater of the Blindingly Obvious" myself though. It's a very useful job.

So if I'm posting from do I tag material as such out of respect for the federated ( ?) timeline? Or should I assume the fact that I'm posting from a bar on the is context enough?

had very tidy handwriting when he scrawled notes. claims its a legit historical document though

taking a spa day on a horrifying god-forsaken desert planet 🐍🌞

Fun USS Tempest trivia: The young man is just an ensign assigned to assist. The tribble on his shoulder is the engineer.

OMG, a prop from our old Star Trek paintball LARP!

"Romulus is the outer and larger moon of the main-belt asteroid 87 Sylvia, not to be confused with the directly Sun-orbiting asteroid 10386 Romulus. It follows an almost-circular close-to-equatorial orbit around the parent asteroid. In this respect it is similar to the other moon Remus."

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