ghuQ ghItlhpu'mo' neH batlhHa' fIlaStIynngan*vaD bIghHa' jaHmoH yISra'el qum.

Learned today that google scans receipts sent to gmail addresses to identify all your purchases (and shows users) see if you use gmail

讗讬专 谞讗专讬砖注 爪讬讜谞讬住讟谉
诪讬讟 讗讬讬注专 谞讗专讬砖谉 砖讻诇
讗讬专 诪注讙讟 讚讗讱 讙讬讬谉 爪讜 讚注诐 讗专讘讬讬讟注专
讗讜谉 诇注专谞注谉 讘讬讬 讗讬诐 砖讻诇

讗讬专 讜讜讬诇讟 讗讜谞讚讝 驻讬专谉 拽讬讬谉 讬专讜砖诇讬诐
诪讬专 讝讗诇谉 讚讗专讟 讙讗诇讗讚讬讬谉
诪讬专 讜讜注诇谉 讘注住注专 讝讬讬谉 讗讬谉 专讜住谞诇讗谞讚
诪讬专 讜讜注诇谉 讝讬讱 讘讗驻专讬讬注谉

You foolish Zionists
with your foolish brains
you'd better go to a worker
and learn from them

You want to lead us to Jerusalem
we should starve there
we would rather be in Russia
we will liberate ourselves

yISra'el Hol vIghoj 'e' ghaytan vImev. Holvetlh ngeb law' Holvam ngeb puS.

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