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I enjoy & immensely. Some of my favorites (besides Star Trek) are , the new , , & โ€‹

I'm very passionate about & . My next phone is going to be the .

I am an ethical for life.

I love to read (mostly fantasy)

There's a lot more about me, but that's definitely long enough. If you want to know more, just ask!

Give me a follow if you're interested and don't be afraid to @ me.

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Reposting this because of all the new users.

I'm a huge and love the things most people associate with that word.

I have a deep, lifelong passion for all of โ€‹

I enjoy playing . The was my favorite console.

I'm currently loving the . I love and will always have their latest console(s).

Wow. I actually really enjoyed watching Venom. That was a pleasant surprise.

All the other new releases are on the eshop. Where are you Katamari?

I've missed tenforward.social. It's so great to be back with all you familiar faced weirdos. :-)

I liked the previous two Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, so I'll be picking that up.

Exclusive to Switch is a surprise.

I'm trying to stay excited and hopeful for the new Picard show, but with essentially the same people calling the shots as Discovery a bit of doubt and worry are starting to set in.

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