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Reposting this because of all the new users.

I'm a huge and love the things most people associate with that word.

I have a deep, lifelong passion for all of

I enjoy playing . The was my favorite console.

I'm currently loving the . I love and will always have their latest console(s).

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I enjoy & immensely. Some of my favorites (besides Star Trek) are , the new , , &

I'm very passionate about & . My next phone is going to be the .

I am an ethical for life.

I love to read (mostly fantasy)

There's a lot more about me, but that's definitely long enough. If you want to know more, just ask!

Give me a follow if you're interested and don't be afraid to @ me.

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If you were born with your legs coming out first, for a moment, you wore your mom as a hat. #Showerthoughts

I never know when someone requests to follow me until I remember to check my follow requests. Seems a bit odd.

Why is it that when I have a locked account I only get follow notifications after I approve a follow request instead of when I receive a follow request?

This is true on the web interface as well as every app I’ve used.

Anyone out there know of an iOS Mastodon app that has a black dark theme?

I'm looking forward to moving house at the end of this month. Along with trying out gigabit internet for the first time and living in a house with solar panels for the first time, I'll also be getting my first Roomba.

When I move house at the end of the month I will have 1 gig internet for the first time ever. I'm anxious to experience what that is like.

Aha! I finally figured out what was causing all the fuss, @Morn! Looks like you have been sitting on a self-sealing stem bolt! Now I wonder who could have put that there...

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I got my Librem 15 v4. I'm pretty happy. This is the step I needed to get rid of using Windows daily.

Windows has now been regulated to only being used when I feel like gaming.

Well, @Morn, I tried. I guess you're on your own.

@quark What did you do to Morn? Why is the Constable never available? ( @Odo )

Hey, @Odo Can you make sure everything is ok with @Morn? I'm worried someone may have spiked one of his drinks with a stimulant.

All who remember computing in the 90s should check out the website for Captain Marvel.

Is there an e-ink ebook reader that runs on free software and can read epub?

Is there at least one that doesn't ever connect to the internet?

The best Star Trek video game was by far Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity.

For some reason I haven't played very many video games in the past month.

I need to get back to my Spider-man playthrough. I'm at about 70%.

I'd love to hear thoughts and opinions on the Librem 13/15 laptops. Please let me know! Especially if you're an owner/user of one.


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I totally did not purchase a Librem 15. Nope. Not me.



I really want to get a Librem 15. However, I already have a desktop computer and don't have a reason to get another computer nor a specific need for a laptop. :-(


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