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I guess accounts cannot be deleted.

I'm going to try to come back to Mastadon in a few months. Goodbye for now.

@Rushyo .... Could you please post some links?

I'm getting the feeling accounts cannot be deleted.

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Hello #Fediverse!

Any volunteers who don't mind me using their OStatus handles / profile pages in a geeky public "tutorial like thing" on how the Fediverse works? I need samples from both the Mastodon world and GNU Social, the more the merrier really.

@Gargron , @maloki , @mmn , @maiyannah ?


@Kurros If I ever want to get my friends on this platform, they'll ask the same questions, too. I don't want to apologize for this like I'v been apologizing for Linux...

If a thing is public, shouldn't it be public? Mastadon, I want to love you! Please don't make it so hard!

Thanks for being cool, everyone!

Can I see an instance's public feed without making an account? I feel like I'm asking a lot of 'stupid' questions, but I don't think it's because I'm stupid...

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Every time @dsn_status posts about receiving something from Voyager 2, I regain a bit of hope in humanity.

For context, Voyager 2 is one of the most distant human made objects (as of April 5, 114 AU out from the Sun).

It was launched in 1977. In ~2020 it will being instrument power sharing. ~2025, it can no longer power any of its instruments and will be drifting in space.

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@Kurros Ah, not trying to misrepresent, just having fun.

I'm going to try to figure out what the scale of success would be and what it would cost to run for a year. If it's less than the promo credits for startups from cloud providers, I'll probably do it.

@Kurros @federationbot Thank you for the information, and for the challenge! 'Impossible' is my favourite claim to disprove. :)

@Kurros Thank you.

Since I'm going to have to build it myself, I guess means setting up a server of my own?
If my new server watches and caches all others, the strain would only be equivalent to having a single extra user per server, right?



@Murassa Make things you like and ignore haters - it's not like you're making a period piece. No one will praise you for getting it right, since getting it 'right' is impossible in a wrong-based view.