y'know that feel when you forget to check your account in several weeks and you miss a ton of shit and you're just like "damn I missed a ton of shit" cause ya missed a ton of shit. and like, there is a ton of shit you missed.

mama papa brickolini has been stuck in my head for several days someone help

y'know that feeling when its harder to install a distro with a graphical installer than it is to install a distro from a command line
tela-icon-theme-git is the bane of my existence

is it possible to me watch Voyager in a week? theoretically, if each episode is ~45 minutes, and there are 172 episodes, with 4 of those being two hour long episodes, that's a total of 8,040 minutes. divide that by 60 for 134 hours, then by 7 for approx. 19 hours per day. so yes, one could do it, but the real question is *should* one do it? I say yes, stay tuned for this summer where I will sleep for less than 5 hours a day for a week :blobcoffee:

Ten Forward

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