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Thoughts on week 2 of Overwatch League 2020 Playoffs by me

second week of 2020 OWL playoffs! this week I opted to talk about the various story lines that surround the current playoffs instead of specific games

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Hi, I'm packetcat!

I have been on the fediverse since April 2017 so it feels strange to be writing a introduction post but here we are.

I am a huge nerd who is into video games, competitive Overwatch and computer networking. I have a podcast with my amazing friend @chosafine called Shades of Brown.

I also have a couple blogs, Asinine Tech and Irreverent Space.

Last but not least, I run a IRC network called EntropyNet!


"The Windows infostealer is installed through a Microsoft Office document with a title that roughly translates to “The Regime Fears the Spread of the Revolutionary Cannons.docx.” Once opened, it urges readers to enable macros. If a user complies, a malicious macro downloads and installs the malware."

oh god another Word macro based attack

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pegasus anthro design; cw: mildly suggestive, half-naked man 

Had fun drawing with @3__54 , made a pegasus Kosmas... A Pegakos, if you will

#MastoArt #oc

I don't think there is any way for me to match England militarily so I need other tactics here

alliances can only do so much so like maybe I have to uhh murder the current king of England and hope for a less aggressive heir maybe?

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England is continuing to be very expansionist in my CK3 campaign

lost two more counties in my kingdom (Ireland)

there wasn't really a possibility for me to win the war, England's armies were just significantly larger, not enough allies on my side to fight that off

I had an alliance with England but I think it expired or wasn't valid anymore so uhhh

cc: @bfoty apologies but I think if they continue like this I'll lose the kingdom eventually

I think I have to get expansionist myself

this is a great performance from Paak, I just wish he didn't have to censor the profanity in the tracks

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on the other hand it recommended me this so it balances out

Anderson Paak - Full Performance - Live on KCRW, 2016

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YouTube's algorithm recommended this to me and what on earth gave it the idea that I'm interested in Kingdom Hearts videos


also its basically impossible to get any of these new 30 series nvidia cards in Canada atm, probably not much better in the US or other markets either

a paper launch, stock is non-existent

so unless you are building a new PC right now and need a GPU...wait a few months for the situation to sort itself out

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I don't really regret my 2080Ti purchase because it was two years ago lol

(also jeez this PC is actually two years old now)

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"packetcat, wtf are you gonna do with a 3090, what do you even need 24GB of VRAM for"


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considering buying a RTX 3090....but like early next year when Canadian vendors actually have stock lol

Fuck cherry switches I’m trying to hear my keyboard a different way

I've been playing a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn ever since it came out on PC. Everyone is so interesting in that game 😭

This might've only been a small study for something else 👀

#art #clipstudiopaint #mastoart #creativetoots

Probably a good time to mention that the next version of Mastodon will finally make account suspensions reversible (with a separate option to delete data when needed). Been working on that for a few weeks (among other things)


been listening to the latest Conway the Machine album on repeat for the past week or so and Westside Gunn is decidedly my least favourite of the Griselda crew

he only has the one verse on this album and it always make me skip when it gets to his verse

his voice is just obnoxious

the overplayed Final Fantasy joke 

okay but is this actually gonna be the final fantasy?

chat replay on Twitch VODs is good only for the Waypoint stream

every time Mina (Rob's dog) appears on Rob's cam everyone goes MINA

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