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inaugurating my poetry blog with some networking themed poetry

this one is called "packet pusher"

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Hi, I'm packetcat!

I have been on the fediverse since April 2017 so it feels strange to be writing a introduction post but here we are.

I am a huge nerd who is into video games, competitive Overwatch and computer networking. I have a podcast with my amazing friend @chosafine called Shades of Brown.

I also have a couple blogs, Asinine Tech and Irreverent Space.

Last but not least, I run a IRC network called EntropyNet!


for further context, I haven't watched any of these movies

I do plan watching all of them eventually, just needed something to break my indecision for this week

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help me pick a movie to watch sometime later this week

How I Designed a Free Music Font for 5 Million Musicians (MuseScore 3.6) by Tantacrul

I knew about aphantasia but I didn't know it could affect playing video games in this way whoa

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Aphantasia, No Visual Imagination, and Video Games - Access-Ability by LauraKBuzz

Jesper Kyd did a remake of Ezio's Family for Valhalla and man that track takes me back to AC2

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“Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla” Score Brings Two Video Game Music Giants Together by Casey Jarman

antitrust lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

good luck with that one

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playing Guildlings on @chosafine 's recommendation and this is very good

man I forgot about the GTX 970 memory debacle

that was like a major scandal, and as Steve mentions there was even a successful trust action lawsuit against NVIDIA for the issue

( NVIDIA advertised card with 4GB of VRAM but the 970 actually had 3.5GB of standard VRAM and 512MB of slower VRAM )

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