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I have a couple big public Spotify playlists that I would love to share here

my hip-hop favourites:

my pop favourites:

there is also a currently small offshoot playlist for kpop specifically, welcoming suggestions for additions on that one:

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Hi, I'm packetcat!

I have been on the fediverse since April 2017 so it feels strange to be writing a introduction post but here we are.

I am a huge nerd who is into video games, competitive Overwatch and computer networking. I have a podcast with my amazing friend @chosafine called Shades of Brown.

I also have a couple blogs, Asinine Tech and Irreverent Space.

Last but not least, I run a IRC network called EntropyNet!


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it was my friends birthday yesterday and i didnt want to post this here until i gave it to him, he absolutely loved it #art #artwork #mastoart #mastodraw #creativetoots #illustration #fediart

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yet another commission i finished recently!
it's @tevruden 's handsome dragon
🥺🥺🥺🥺 thank you for being v patient with me.

Also, he was a BIG BOI
so I included a detail shot

#art #MastoArt #dragon #WorldOfWarcraft

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Another portrait commission!
the client's very lovely druid from their DnD campaign
#Art #CreativeToots #painting #commissions

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I'm going to start posting some of the commissions i finished that i've forgotten to post!
Starting with these two chibis for different clients
they were really fun!
#Art #MastoArt #Chibis #commissions

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new persona / self insert #oc design, kinda??

ok to use she/her pronouns for her!

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# []

lol why are these in this list?

love when a website's CSS doesn't load because the sub-domain they are using for static content is blocked in one of the lists pi-hole uses

in this case, and

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hey friends, twitter failed me, can you please give me the last few traits so i can make a chara? :3

I'm relatively new to the world of commissioning art but is a pretty nice service to use from a commissioner's POV

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"As these equations prove, it is possible to travel faster than light."
"Incredible! Is it possible to do in practice?"
"Er... yes. We built a machine."
"It works? You don't sound happy?"
"The travel is quick. The preparations needed take ten days per light-second of distance."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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small cgi portraits with eye contact 

"Canada (5-10 Business Days)

- Additional 26.5% duties and fees will be collected at checkout. There will be no additional fees upon delivery
- Order is fully trackable to destination address"


oh so that's what that is

5-10 Business Days
Processing Fees
Includes shipping & handling

...the fuck is a processing fee?

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