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Bell Canada should peer at Canadian IXes

finally wrote up about this thing that's been bothering me a while, now I have something to link instead of repeating myself

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Hi, I'm packetcat!

I have been on the fediverse since April 2017 so it feels strange to be writing a introduction post but here we are.

I am a huge nerd who is into video games, competitive Overwatch and computer networking. I have a podcast with my amazing friend @chosafine called Shades of Brown.

I also have a couple blogs, Asinine Tech and Irreverent Space.

Last but not least, I run a IRC network called EntropyNet!


that's a wrap for the West series for today

ggs, fantastic games all around, happy that Toronto won their first match of the season

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whew, no reverse sweep for the Gladiators today

Dallas close out the series with 3-1 victory

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alright alright, looks like the Glads are still in the series with that map 3 victory

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Florida close out the series with a fantastic victory on Hanamura

3-1 is the final sscore

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Florida win map 3 to move up to 2-1 in the series, match point for them

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