beginning the decommission and final archival process for

mastodon@catsith:~/dump$ pg_dump -Fc -U mastodon mastodon_production > ./

archival of database and .env.production completed

now onwards to removing the server from monitoring and the rest of it

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removed from monitoring

starting Mastodon's self destruct function

mastodon@catsith:~/live$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/tootctl self-destruct
Type in the domain of the server to confirm:

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This operation WILL NOT be reversible. It can also take a long time.
While the data won't be erased locally, the server will be in a BROKEN STATE afterwards.
A running Sidekiq process is required. Do not shut it down until queues clear.
Are you sure you want to proceed? (y/N)

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Do NOT interrupt this process...
Queued 9366 items into Sidekiq for 2 accounts
Wait until Sidekiq processes all items, then you can shut everything down and delete the data

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Sidekiq queue is clear, I'll wait a bit for the flood of 410 POSTs to die down and then terminate the server.

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its funny to me that I'm watching's nginx log move faster than it ever has and it is because the server is about to die

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the flood of 410s has stopped, beginning shutdown and termination of the server

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The server has been shut down and deleted.

DNS records removed, AWS Cloudfront distribution disabled.

S3 bucket cleanup pending, I'll do that later.

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@packetcat Sadly running a Masto server is a non trivial amount of effort and maintenance. I hear Pieroma is simpler and has fewer moving parts but I couldn't get my head around how to get that set up back when I tried. I gave up after a few months when mine imploded :)

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