my home internet connection nearly broke 3TB of traffic in a month in December 2019




spread pretty evenly between upload and download too, ~1.4TB of download, ~1.3TB of upload

@Mainebot yep, qBittorrent is running basically 24/7 on my desktop, 341 torrents seeding atm

(I do have a bandwidth limiter enabled in the client so its not monopolizing all of my upload bandwidth)

@packetcat no, I wouldn't imagine that you'd let it. What kind of connection do you have? 300 mbit? gbit?

@Mainebot I'm on Bell's 1Gbit FTTH plan, the upload bandwidth is almost symmetric (up to 940Mbps)

@packetcat oooh, nice. I looked at gigabit fiber with the company connecting our suite but honestly they're overcharging and acting like Shaw, trying to force a t package into the deal and only offer a sweetheart rate for a year before jumping the cost.

I'm waiting for my current provider to start reselling fiber at their rates.

@Mainebot ah yeah that sounds like a typical Canadian ISP trick

Bell Canada is the only one offering FTTH where I am in Toronto so like its still pretty expensive ($135/month). If I was in downtown, I would have Beanfield as a option but alas.

That said, its still the best bang for buck you can get in my area, the rest is just Rogers cable or TPIA like TekSavvy which is just as expensive for worse service.

@packetcat I'm with right now, offering great rates compared to Shaw.

The fiber company in my neighborhood is and with their pricing and rate bumps after a year they can kiss my ass.

@Mainebot $70/mo promo pricing to $140/mo after a year

yeah that's a yikes from me

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