a large COD Modern Warfare update yesterday has been the source of a bunch of discussion on NANOG and r/networking due to the amount of traffic

though most of the NANOG thread is old heads reminiscing about internet speeds back in the day




the COD update, 68GB on Xbox One

Akamai CEO tweeted that their edges reached 140Tbps in peak traffic


also there is the thing about if Xbox One's standby mode actually does game updates properly

(in my experience, it does but YMMV)

the PS4 also has a similar standby/low power mode where it does updates

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and like updates like these aren't going to be a one time thing, AAA game sizes are not getting smaller and their content updates are getting bigger as well

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just a few years ago, Apple's annual iOS releases used to be the topic of discussion because they would cause big traffic spikes in networks

but like Apple's iOS update sizes are nothing compared to these video game updates lol

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@packetcat I was like "dang that's half the game" but it's more like a third (assuming the 175GB recommended for the PC version)

I genuinely wonder if they're just dumping in data to make the files bigger nowadays, there's probably real benefit to it since it keeps people from wanting to uninstall it and from installing other games

@noiob nah I think its just high res textures are massive now

and they are probably sending them uncompressed

@packetcat I thought the new Doom was annoyingly large

or NieR: Automata, but they just forgot to compress their videos

@noiob 70G for Doom (2016) according to Steam

right now the biggest game I have installed is Destiny 2 is ~87GB

I've been considering investing in a larger SSD for games because AAA games are getting so big

@packetcat yeah, but I feel like it's justified for Destiny to take up a lot of space because there's so much game there

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