observations about the Kobo OS:

- it syncs time via the public NTP pool upon connecting to the network (I see DNS queries for *.pool.ntp.org when the device wakes up and connects to the configured Wi-Fi network)

- I managed to cause my first freeze/crash in the OS, not 100% sure how I triggered it. But the device was unresponsive to any input, touchscreen or button. Had to reset the device by holding the power button

another thing, triggering a manual sync using the sync button in the top bar causes the device to sync the time via NTP and then sync with your Kobo account via its API

interesting that the device has this priority in keeping the device time in sync with the public NTP pool

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as for telemetry:

Settings -> Energy saving and privacy -> Automatically share data about the features you use

once that is turned off, the device doesn't seem to send any other telemetry as far as I can tell

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Wi-Fi connectivity is not always on, turns off after a period of inactivity. Presumably to conserve battery life.

The automatic background sync is daily and you select a sync time between Night, Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.


I just didn’t connect mine to the network at all and copied over the epubs with a USB cable. It works fine for me.

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