so for a few days now I've been having issues with watch time not being tracked on YouTube videos i.e videos will just show as being started but no progress made. Not ideal.

Turns out YouTube has switched the API end point to this to and the EasyPrivacy filter list in uBlock Origin was blocking that specific endpoint (why?)

To whitelist that particular API endpoint without unblocking ads, add this to your 'My filters' list in uBlock Origin's dashboard.


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for those curious before this YouTube used a subdomain for this -

I found that out a while ago of the lists pi-hole is using blocks (again, why?) so whitelisting that in pi-hole fixed that back then

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troubleshooting process here:

Check local pi-hole server logs, no YT related queries being blocked

Disable uBlock Origin entirely for YT, watch time is being tracked again so the issue is definitely a uBlock Origin filter

Re-enable and open up uBlock Origin's logger tool and filter for blocks on a open YT tab, see the 'watchtime' API endpoint being blocked

Use the rule generator in uBlock Origin's logger to generate whitelist entries and add them to 'My filters'

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@packetcat aha! I'd noticed this happening to me recently but figured it was just some passing weirdness and didn't look into it any further.

Thanks for the post.

@mike no problem, it was bothering me so I looked into uBlock Origin's event logger to see what was up

@packetcat i did wonder about this, thanks for the tip 👍

@packetcat The blue bars you get in thumbnails to show how long you've watched something?
That's been happening to me for a long time, I just use it as a bookmark of what I've watched.

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