Blathers, I never want to hear you blather on about these fossils and animals, just take it and shut up thanks

tempted to sell all these goddamn eggs honestly, none of the Bunny day items interest me in the slightest

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I don't even wanna spend Nook Miles on tickets until this event is over because its just gonna be eggs for the most part

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@packetcat they're all so ugly and they're all going in storage and never being seen again immediately after this event

but for now it looks like the easter bunny puked all over my house and i'm embracing it, dammit, because Eggs

@packetcat I've been making one or two every day and mailing them to a friend who hates this event just as much as I do

@packetcat the best strat is to craft something like a bunny day wall or bunny day dress, occupies less inventory space and sells for a hell of a lot more than the base eggs

@maffsie ahh I need a few more sky eggs then, those seem to be the rarest

@packetcat i have a shitload of them cause i only updated to 1.1.4 (the update that nerfed them) today

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