Overwatch League 2020 May Melee Tournament (NA) Day 1

Toronto Defiant vs Vancouver Titans

TBD vs Dallas Fuel

TBD vs Los Angeles Gladiators

TBD vs Atlanta Reign

TBD vs Paris Eternal

May Melee Bracket:


Stream URL:

If you want tokens you will need to watch on overwatchleague.com after connecting your Blizzard account.


alright here we go! Toronto Defiant vs Vancouver Titans

first map is Lijiang, loser of map picks next map

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Map 4 is Rialto. Toronto's map pick.

Hoping that Toronto can bring this back or they aren't playing in the May Melee

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Toronto Defiant stay in the series with that map win on map 4.

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Toronto take map 5 and close out the series with a 3-2 victory against the Vancouver Titans

Toronto moving into the May Melee tournament


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so teams have made their picks for the knockout matches next

in order of the schedule are:

Dallas Fuel vs Houston Outlaws

Washington Justice vs Los Angeles Gladiators

Toronto Defiant vs Atlanta Reign

Boston Uprising vs Paris Eternal

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alright here we go! Dallas Fuel vs Houston Outlaws

map 1 is Nepal

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Map 2 is Blizzard World. Houston's map pick.

Rawkus subbed in for Jecse on Houston.

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Houston tie up the score 1-1 with that win on map 2

this is a fantastic series so far

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Dallas Fuel take map 3 and move up 2-1 in the series!

match point for them

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Dallas Fuel win the series with a monstrous performance from Decay's Widowmaker 3-1 against the Houston Outlaws

Houston eliminated from the May Melee Tournament

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Decay had 42% scoped crit accuracy, 12.3 final blows/10 minutes, 3.9 solo kills/10 minutes

actual ridiculous honestly

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next up: Los Angeles Gladiators vs Washington Justice

Map 1 is Oasis.

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LA Gladiators are now 2-0 in the series with that win on map 2

match point

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LA Gladiators absolutely stomp on the Washington Justice with that 3-0 victory

Justice eliminated from the May Melee tournament

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my expectations for Toronto on this series are very low honestly, I'd be surprised if they took 1 map

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alright back from Starfighter chat to see that Boston has taken a map in their series against Paris :o

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jfc what a way to end a long day of Overwatch

Paris Eternal win the series 3-2


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and with that the Boston Uprising eliminated from the May Melee Tournament

quarterfinals tomorrow, picks will be next

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so May Melee NA quarter finals tomorrow

San Francisco Shock vs Dallas Fuel

Florida Mayhem vs Atlanta Reign

Philadelphia Fusion vs Los Angeles Gladiators

Los Angeles Valiant vs Paris Eternal

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