Reddit is doing the bare fucking minimum because the heat is too fucking hot. That's what the current news is, what it has been previously and what it will always be.

They have no actual desire to be proactive about moderation and if you believe this is them turning a new leaf as their public post suggests, I have a bridge to sell you.

@packetcat same with facebook; They're only now shifting on their shitty policies because massive advertising companies are leaving them.

Always good to be reminded what utter toilets they are.

@BrokenBiscuit @packetcat and those ad companies are only doing it as a PR move, because they hope black people will buy more of their products if they pretend to care about them

@packetcat um i suppose on the silver lining, it's nice to see where the line is moving?

like yes they're insincerely pandering, but it's at least a measuring stick of where corporations see public sentiment, so like
i guess that part's nice

@heyheather @packetcat Yeah. I guess having the right thing done for the wrong reasons is at least better than having the wrong thing done for the right reasons?

If nothing else, this is good.

@Lexi @packetcat yeah! to be honest, i'm just repeating what i tell myself every time reddit covers its ass, cause it gets so easy to feel *worse* after hearing misleading "good news" these days
and it's so rare to hear actual good news

@packetcat Yep, they should have done this in 2014-2015. Damage done.

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