installed and played a bit of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel because I had it in my Epic Games library and honestly I don't enjoy this kind of shooter anymore

the guns don't feel good to shoot and for a shooter looter that's kinda critical


back when I played Borderlands 2 at its release in 2012, it was fun and new

other games have since done this kind of thing much much better (namely Destiny) and Pre-Sequel feels archaic and it hasn't aged well

also the writing style leaves much to be desired for and I've heard that Borderlands 3 isn't much better on that front

and the cel-shaded visual aesthetic ain't doing it for me anymore

not that it has aged poorly, if anything the visual aesthetic actually makes the games age pretty well

I just don't like that kind of look anymore

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"Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice
Since you recently played Assassin’s Creed® IV Black Flag™"

uhhh Steam

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@packetcat I could never tell if claptrap being an unbearable annoying prick was intentional or not, but christ.

The guns never really feel like they have impact (or any fecking accuracy) and I'm sure some of the enemies like the midgets wouldn't fly if they were introduced now.

I'm trying to play through BL2 atm and...IDK.

@BrokenBiscuit yeah Claptrap being annoying is supposed to be intentional as far as I can tell

@packetcat i think the pre-sequel is probably the weakest in the series (haven't played it) but one other thing is that i think Borderlands is really designed as a multiplayer game

like i picked up the collection on Switch because it's something i can call up and play with my brother over the internet for some mindless hanging out and it's good for that

but as a singleplayer game where you're actually focusing on the content it's kind of sparse

@jellyfish_link definitely, back when I played BL2 I was in university and picked it up so I could co-op with a friend

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