hey folks:

did you know that you can make the experience for users on mobile data networks faster by making sure your instance is accessible over IPv6?

This is because in a lot of mobile data networks nowadays, IPv4 connectivity is provided via CGN device (Carrier Grade NAT) and IPv6 is provided natively which means that IPv4 is going to be slower.

If your instance's web front end doesn't have IPv6 connectivity, what's the blocker?

a lot of y'all are on server providers that provide IPv6 connectivity and it can be as simple as adding a AAAA record in DNS and making sure your front end web server is listening on IPv6 (which it probably is doing already)

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If your provider provides IPv6 connectivity and you need help configuring it, hit me up

I'll be glad to help

If you are using masto.host, that's something you need to take up with the folks that run masto.host

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If you are using Linode, IPv6 connectivity is configured on your server by default

Hetzner Cloud nodes also come with IPv6 connectivity enabled by default

If you are using DigitalOcean, make sure IPv6 is enabled on your server first


same with Vultr, you need to enable it if you don't already have it enabled

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if you are using some sort of load balanced setup with floating IPs that doesn't support IPv6...well you are on your own on that one

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*grumbles about DigitalOcean and Vultr not enabling IPv6 by default*

@packetcat ARIN has been giving the "IPv6: No Longer Optional" presentation since 2010 (possibly longer). Makes me wonder how these companies missed the memo.

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