Thoughts on week 2 of Overwatch League 2020 Playoffs by me

second week of 2020 OWL playoffs! this week I opted to talk about the various story lines that surround the current playoffs instead of specific games

I specced my writing skill points into coming up with good sub headings as you can see

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regarding the Shanghai Dragons, I wrote this back in 2019 for my retrospective post:

"Coming into the 2019 season, the spectre of the 0-40 record from the previous season hanging over them. The Dragons had reworked their roster, most of the roster except for Geguri and Diya were new additions. Nonetheless, with the newly traded Gamsu leading the charge against his former team, victory awaited."

that post is on my main blog because it was written before I started Ultonomy

it in fact motivated me to finally start a separate blog for the Overwatch esports

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