i asked @chosafine to buy the Razer GAMER CHEWING GUM for the podcast and they refused :(

@packetcat @chosafine
oh so they'll review gamer POPTARTS
but not gamer GUM

i see u

@compufox @packetcat the idea of putting things in my mouth and not swallowing them is gross to me tbh, I hate gum

@compufox @packetcat also wow I could have phrased that better but I trust y’all to behave well

@dotUser @packetcat Corsair gamer gum, like razers but with hardline tubing!

@packetcat @chosafine do you need a cloud login for that as well? *snicker*

@szbalint @packetcat ah yes, GOIP, gum over ip, the newest v6 extension


if you asked a gamer to deliver parcels in the neighborhood, would you call it a gamer footjob

@catalina there are 3 that you can buy

cool mint
pomegranate watermelon
tropical punch

@catalina yah bet they just rebranded bog standard gum flavours

what would even a gamer flavoured gum taste like

@packetcat *chew chew chew* tastes like *chew chew* racism....entitlement annnnd *chew chew* fornite

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