I'm looking at options for colocating a router, switch and a 1U server in either USA or Canada. Toronto preferably but I'm open to something like Chicago/Seattle.

I'll be requiring cross connects to a meet me room of some kind so I can buy transit.

I have a ASN and IP space.

Advice/suggestions/recommendations welcome, I'm new to the colocation side of things.

@packetcat With pleasure. Good look for the search, I took a look at datacenters around where I live for ~10U, sadly it was *way* outside my budget. Hopefully I can give that a try again in central/eastern europe next year.

@packetcat might also want to look at montreal area, i know of a few datacenters and hosting providers based out of there. not sure what the connections are like tho.

@packetcat how much? Toronto's pretty pricey, I wound up going to Kitchener.

@tiff my budget isn't set in stone yet, still shopping around

Kitchener is fine, how much are you paying and what are you getting?

@packetcat I'm splitting a rack with a friend. My share for a 1U with 2A is $85/mo.

@packetcat I never looked into my own crossconnect though. The included connectivity was good enough for me.

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